Things to do in Melbourne

These are the best attractions Melbourne has to offer.

When it comes to Melbourne, people call it the city of wonders. From ancient buildings with historic significance to modern day canvases of professional street artists, Melbourne has something for everyone. If you’re planning your vacation or don’t even know about the secrets and whereabouts of this city, you’re missing out a lot my friend!
Melbourne is a city where you can get lost romancing around magical streets and convents and still feel so happy about it. So, without further ado, here are the top things to do at Melbourne!

Get closer to the History of Melbourne

Melbourne is one of those cities who proudly hold their ancient buildings and historic convents with pride. From gruesome prison cells to lovely convents, the city of Melbourne is full of architectural marvels from the old times. Here are the historical buildings you have to roam through if you go to Melbourne!

Old Melbourne Gaol

Being the living monument of the historic capital punishments in the past two centuries, the old Melbourne Gaol is the place you need to see to believe the old tales. This building was constructed in the year 1845 and still the architectural structure baffles the naked eyes. The corridors to high ceilings, everything will put a chill down your spine. Remember the tales of Ned Kelly, the Aussie outlaw that ravaged through the country in the mid 1800’s? He was hanged right in this building with countless other murderers from time to time. Visitors are given a one hour tour each day when the sun is still up.

Royal Exhibition Building

Carlton Gardens boasts of the presence of the Royal Exhibition Building as it is one of the oldest exhibition buildings throughout the world. This building was the first ever building throughout Australia to be included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. To this day, many paintings, artefacts and statues from the most famous artists are put on exhibition daily. The building itself attracts the most number of visitors for its magnificent structural design and beautiful setup. If you get to Melbourne, don’t forget to wonder around the halls of this historic building!

State Library of Victoria

Built back in 1856, this architectural marvel holds some of the world’s most ancient manuscripts and books along with a huge catalogue of books from the past two centuries. The building has a unique shape with a beautiful internal structure. There are comfortable seating options and many attractions for the visitors. Galleries are filled up with paintings, artworks and modern day showcases. All the rooms and galleries are completely open to the public. If you’re in need of some quite time with a lot of historic books and art, this is your heaven!

Federation Square

With some of the most unique and peculiarly designed buildings and monuments, the Federation Square is famous for the daily shows, cultural events, annual gatherings and community hubs. From craft markets every weekend to weekly exhibitions, this place boasts of the number of visitors it gets every day. Meet some of the friendliest strangers and enjoy a show when you get there!

Amaze Yourself with Nature

Melbourne is not only about buildings and modern setups. The city also holds some of the most unique wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in the whole country. Some of these wildlife preserves hold the world’s most rare species of animals. Here are the places you need to visit if you’re a nature enthusiast!

Royal Botanic Gardens

The history of the Royal Botanic Gardens is an ancient one. This place is home to more than 85000 plant species. From the rarest plants on earth to the most unique ones, this place has everything. With beautiful walking lanes and mesmerising lakes, the Royal Botanic Gardens welcomes their visitors on different types of sightseeing tours. There are workshops taking place each week to get to know more about the place and its plants. Forget your worries and roam through majestic plants of the Royal Botanic Gardens to get some calm of mind.

Phillip Island

Being just a 2 hour ride away from Melbourne city, Phillip Island is the ideal place for you to play and cuddle with the friendliest penguins and seals. This island is a combination of many small beaches of magnificent view and friendly local wildlife. You can go swimming with the cute animals by your side or surf through the ocean waves. The shoreline consists of more penguins and seals than humans around. You’ll have an experience of a lifetime or sure!

Stroll & Experience the Wonders

Aside nature and historic buildings, Melbourne also has some modern showcases and wonderful experiences designed for the young-hearted. From street arts and shows to exciting trails, Melbourne is full of activities for everyone.

Queen Victoria Markets

Behind the success and peacefulness of a great city, lies a crowded and busy market. The Queen Victoria Markets deserves to be called the most iconic market of Melbourne for its history and local significance. From the rarest local equipment to the most sought out international brand, you will find everything through the open shops of this grand market.

Peninsula Hot Springs

Hot springs are the most cheerful discoveries of modern time and Melbourne has all you need to cheer your body up after a hectic day of roaming around. The famous Moorington Peninsula has a collection of the most comforting hot springs in whole Australia. With a natural setup and wonderful structure, visitors are provided with the most wonderful experience out there.

Crown Casino

With 14 bars, three premier nightclubs and 29 restaurants, check out the Crown Casino for a world-class night. The Crown Casino is the amazing place where food and music meets the craze.

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