Where To Stay In Airlie Beach, Whitsundays, Queensland

The BEAUTIFUL Airlie Beach! Right now I’m going to show you our top accommodation recommendations for the beach with magnificent beaches and eye-pleasing views. Whitsunday Island is made up of 74 different small islands on each side. Airlie Beach is situated at the farthest corner of the Whitsunday region. This beach is home to the most gorgeous bays and tropical outlooks in the whole region. It is by far the busiest resort town near the Whitsunday Coastal Area and the gate to the main islands. There are hundreds of accommodation options on this island alone. From low budget apartments to private expensive suites, the Airlie Beach covers everything for the perfect vacation for everyone. Let’s take a look at the most popular accommodation options in Airlie Beach!

In case you don’t have the time to go through each of the descriptions below, here’s a short summary of the best qualities of each of the hotels!

Airlie Beach Magnums

It’s just a 3-minute walking distance from the infamous Airlie Beach and Lagoon to this hotel. With a wide range of beach view rooms and suites, the Airlie Beach Magnums is the perfect spot to spend your vacation with your partner or friends or family. The hotel consists of large beach volleyball courts, a huge room for recreation, a nicely decorated garden with options for BBQ and a spacious dining area. There are spacious single rooms as well as shared rooms with shared bathroom and kitchenette. For a small tour, this hotel is the perfect gateway for couples and group tours. Here are some of the best facilities in this hotel!

  • Large-sized swimming pool with beach vibes
  • Vending machine available at each floor
  • Tours and sightseeing activities arranged by the front desk
  • Lots of nearby restaurants and pubs

Looking for a nice gateway for the holiday? Book your room right away!

Mantra Club Croc

Being just at a 5-minute walking distance from the famous Whitsunday Shopping Centre, the Mantra Club Croc is the most neatly decorated hotel in Airlie Beach region. The exterior is designed with the traditional colours and patterns of the Queenslanders. The interior consists of modern complex designs along with contemporary improvisations. Surrounded by tropical gardens, the hotel features a spacious swimming pool with beachy vibes. There are free parking facilities and nicely decorated BBQ facilities. Here are some of the features that the visitors liked most!

  • Spacious fitness area
  • Shared dining area with on-demand food choice
  • Nicely decorated seating facilities outside the main complex
  • Number of nearby recreational activities available

Thinking about taking a break and diving into the calmness of the sea? Get your room and enjoy your holiday!

Paddons Holiday Home

With a private swimming pool and parking area, the Paddons offers some of the most beautiful and family-friendly holiday homes in Airlie Beach region. The holiday home is designed with 4 different bedrooms, an LED TV with cable, a well-equipped kitchen area and 2 different bathrooms. The kitchen comes with a dishwasher and a large-sized microwave. There’s also a washing machine for the visitors. The holiday home has a spacious and private outdoor pool with barbeque facilities at the side of the pool. There’s a huge terrace with comfortable seating facilities. Let’s have a look at the best features of this holiday home!

  • Private and free parking facility
  • Spacious living and dining area
  • Beautiful interior and exterior
  • Range of outdoor activities

Planning on a vacation with your family or friends? Book this amazing holiday home right now!

Whitsunday Moorings B&B

With a mesmerizing coral sea view, the Whitsunday Moorings B&B serves la carte breakfast in style. The rooms of this holiday hotel consist of nicely decorated large-sized beds along with beautiful room interior design. There’s a large on-site swimming pool that offers an eye-pleasing sea view. Being just 300 metres distance from the main beach, there are many restaurants, pubs, night clubs and cafes along the road. The visitors can enjoy the quality of vibrant night-time staying at the hotel. The room service offers their best 24/7. Here are some of the most liked features of this hotel!

  • Poolside juice bar
  • Range of outdoor activities
  • Explorations arranged by the front desk
  • Nicely ventilated rooms with attached bath and small kitchenette

Planning on a holiday to remember with your partner? Get your room and start your dream vacation!

Mirage Whitsundays

If you’re looking to spend some quiet quality time with your partner or family, the Mirage Whitsundays is the place you need to be. There are many accommodation options provided by them with different features. Most of the accommodations here are self-contained and luxurious. With neat interior and exterior design, the stay ins are ready to offer some quiet time away from all the noise and vibrant nature. You can just sit back at the relaxing chairs at the balcony and watch the calmness of the sea right from your bedroom window. Here are some of the unique features of this hotel!

  • Spacious sea view rooms
  • Self-contained housing
  • Indoor and outdoor dining facilities
  • Laundry facilities

Want to feel the calmness of the sea through your bedroom window? Book a room and get the quality time you need!

Mantra Boathouse Apartments

Get the mesmerizing views of the Airlie Marina Port and stay in the nicely decorated and fully equipped rooms of the Mantra Boathouse Apartments. The visitors can take part in different sight-seeing activities through the help of the friendly front desk. There are relaxing chairs and a juice bar beside the swimming pool. The hotel’s front desk provides 24/7 assistance to the visitors. Look at the facilities that made the visitors love this place!

  • Restaurants right outside the lobby
  • Relaxing swimming pool
  • Highly equipped kitchen area
  • Private balcony in each room

Spend a luxurious holiday at this classy old school hotel. Book your room right now!

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