Great Barrier Reef Tours, Activities, FAQ & More!

The sheer size and beauty of the Great Barrier Reef come with confusing choices when you’re supposed to plan a trip to it. This magnificent place has been supporting the Australian economy with a net income of nearly 7 billion dollars each year. Aside from that, the reef has been home to the most exquisite and ancient wildlife. Being more than a million years old, the Great Barrier Reef not only has rich cultural diversity but also provides the necessary unforgettable experience to everyone.

Being a proud traveller of the Great Barrier Reef, I’ve experienced the ups and downs of this place first hand. From the majority of tourist attraction spots and exciting day to day activities, I have gathered some of the most visitor-friendly experiences in this post for those who love to travel.

Bear with me and let’s go on a tour of the Great Barrier Reef!

Great Barrier Reef Tours, Activities, FAQ & More!

Great Barrier Reef Common Questions

Having an area of 344,000 km square, the Great Barrier Reef is full of diversity. With the most ancient marine life and million years old live corals, this place is filled with natural wonders for those who want to explore them.

The environment around the reef area is exceptional as each area has its natural history and environmental position. Though the area has been standing for millions of years, recent coral bleaching events and uncontrolled tourism have spread some bad rumours.

Without further ado, I’ll first clarify some of the misconceptions regarding this place!

Is The Great Barrier Reef still worth visiting?

Being one of the seven natural wonders of planet Earth, the Great Barrier Reef was, is and always will be a place worth visiting. The unprecedented natural diversity, filled with the most unique marine life sounds enough to attract anyone with the heart to explore. Yes, a huge place like this faces many difficulties due to natural calamities and life-threatening events. But, the reef can heal itself with the wonders it has gathered throughout its million years of development.

The recent development in the coral reef population has been pretty knocked up because of the nasty bleaching events that took place some years ago. In 2019, a report was published in the famous journal Nature about the recent coral bleaching events in the Great Barrier Reef. The report indicated that more than 5 consecutive mass coral bleaching event has occurred in the past few years.

Through these events, the reef population has been affected badly. Again, Cyclone Hamish almost destroyed the whole area and natural progress of One Tree Island and its surrounding atmosphere.

If you’re asking if the reef is good for visiting, you need to know the exact places you need to be. A huge place like this won’t always be ready for you. But some certain places and areas always welcome hundreds of activities all year round.

Is visiting The Great Barrier Reef expensive?

Due to the magnificent beauty and exciting activities, the Great Barrier Reef attracts millions of visitors each year. With the rise in tourism, it has become quite expensive to compare with other tourism spots around Australia. But the prices vary according to the place and experience. While the price range can be quite a stretch for some people, most people state that it’s well worth everything. Here’s a breakdown of low to high budget range activities throughout the area!

The low-budget range activities include multiple attractions. From snorkelling and diving to experience the wildlife from up close, the low-budget range activities are enough to present the taste of the reef area in a quick tour. Moreover, there are always options to cut-out the expensive activities and stick to the ones you desire. It’ll save a lot of money and you can focus on the activities and attractions that you require most.

The high-budget range activities include all the things the Great Barrier Reef promises. From luxurious boat rides to exquisite activities, if you have a flexible budget, you can experience the best of the reef area. These high-budget experiences come with extra features that will make everything worth it.

The tours start with the tastiest breakfast from top-class chefs, give a sightseeing tour through the most unique natural wonders and provides the most exciting activities with the necessary guides. The best thing is, there are no hidden charges on these luxurious tours.

When is the best time to visit The Great Barrier Reef?

The best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef is from June to October. This pinnacle season offers some key favourable circumstances for explorers. Temperatures float in the low 20 to 30s, and rain is unlikely, which implies more clear waters and better snorkelling and diving conditions. Alongside the perfect climate, these winter and spring months offer less expensive costs at accommodations close to the focal and southern pieces of the reef.

Mild, 20-to 30-degree days, clear waters and refreshingly cool night times are normal for the area’s dry season. Temperatures are somewhat cooler during this period, however they once in a while plunge underneath the 20s. To be agreeable, plan on packing some warmer layers. Since this is a prime plunging season, visitors hope to experience swarms of beautiful fish, particularly in Cairns.

The Great Barrier Reef’s low season (referred to locally as the wet or stinger season) happens among November and May. This period is known for its Box Jelly Fish. Do not be afraid to visit The Great Barrier Reef during the Low season as wet suits are available for diving (protection from jellyfish) and your trip can be sunny and dry with the right timing.

Great Barrier Reef popular activities

A huge tourist attraction like this comes with a never-ending supply of exciting activities and experiences. From dangerous courses to lovable experiences, here are the top activities in the Great Barrier Reef area!

1. Snorkelling

Great Barrier Reef popular activities​

Find a good pace individually with the marine life and study the biological system of this mind-boggling characteristic hotspot. Swimming is one of the most well-known exercises at the Great Barrier Reef.

That is where visitors can get lost under the surface and find a mystical world. This is where bright fish species go out of control and delightful coral frameworks prosper in a safe marine domain.

Snatch some goggles, an oxygen tank, and a couple of flippers, and you are set. With this basic yet compelling tool, transform your swimming into a simple and blustery experience.

2. Scuba Diving

Great Barrier Reef popular activities​

In case you’re in the mood of something more energizing, why not attempt scuba dive? It’s as much the same as with swimming, where you find a good place to investigate the submerged universe of the Great Barrier Reef.

Be that as it may, scuba diving in the reef lets you completely inundate yourself in the submerged world of unique marine life. Go further and don’t stress over heading off to the surface for a breath. Regardless of whether you aren’t the best swimmer, you can undoubtedly jump without stress, with the flippers and oxygen tank helping you skim through the water.

All scuba diving candidates have to exercise before the jump. With the expert staff exhibiting the best approach to utilize the gear before you even get in the water.

3. The Green Island

Great Barrier Reef popular activities​

There are countless Islands dispersed around that sum up the incredible reef area, with Green Island being one of the most remarkable ones. Set 45 minutes off the shore of Cairns, Green Island frames a well-known hotspot for those meeting the Great Barrier Reef.

Spreading back 6,000 years, it is currently home to a colossal habitat of local plants and creatures – ideal for the sharp natural diversity. Be that as it may, what makes this island genuinely hang out in the district is it is the main coral cay with a rainforest developing on it. Making it a suitable home for both marine and land greenery.

4. Taking a Helicopter Ride

Great Barrier Reef popular activities​

Investigate the Great Barrier Reef from another point of view completely on a helicopter flight that lets you see the sprinkling islands and coral reefs from above. Take off over the turquoise waters, and recognize the land masses as you whizz overhead on a stunning, once in a blue moon opportunity. You’ll find a good situation over the reef.

The best spots to visit are the heart reef, the coral reef area that is unexpectedly moulded like a heart when seen it from above.

5. Mesmerizing Whitehaven Beach

Great Barrier Reef popular activities​

The staggering shoreline of Whitehaven Beach is a notable feature for a great many people. Named the best seashore in the entire of Australia, it guarantees clear waters and flawless white sands. The excellent scenery resembles something out of a fantasy, where rambling sands meet the shallow waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

It is settled on the biggest of the 74 islands inside the Whitsundays, being on the front of a considerable lot of Queensland’s postcards and promotions. Here, you can kick back and unwind on the sandy shore, wondering about the incredibly clear blue and green waters. Moreover, it isn’t only a seashore experience, with many swimming spots, scuba jumping zones, and cruising to get your adrenalin siphoning.

The Best Great Barrier Reef Tours

The Best Great Barrier Reef Tours​

There are Great Barrier Reef Tours for everyone but sometimes you need a little help. Here I’ve categorised the tours to suit Families, Backpackers, Couples and If you’re on a budget. Its wise to check them all out as these categorised tours are my suggestions. 

Best Great Barrier Reef Tour For Families

To watch the magnificent waves and friendly marine life with your family, here are the top tours to take in the Great Barrier Reef!

The Best Great Barrier Reef Tours​

Green Island Day Trip from Cairns

From Viator

Experience the Great Barrier Reef and a rich island downpour woods on this entire day sailboat visit to Green Island from Cairns. Make your ideal day on this secured coral cay with an assortment of exercises including swimming, scuba plunging, Sea walking, nature strolls, and visits on a glass-base vessel. Move up to incorporate a delightful smorgasbord lunch on board the sailboat or potentially a ride in a semi-submarine. If you need directions from Cairns, here’s our guide on the city!

  • Enjoy the Great Barrier Reef and the downpour woodland on a Green Island day trip
  • Variety of exercises including glass-base pontoon visits, semi-submarine coral review visits, scuba jumping, and swimming
  • Buffet lunch choice accessible
  • Choice of right on time or late morning take-offs

From AUD $98.00

The Best Great Barrier Reef Tours​

Wavedancer Low Isles Great Barrier Reef Sailing Cruise from Port Douglas

From Viator

Enjoy the entrancing submerged universe of the Great Barrier Reef on an entire day cruising sailboat journey to Low Isles. Snorkel directly from the seashore on this lovely coral cay known for its inhabitant populace of green ocean turtles. View coral nurseries and tropical marine life on a glass-base pontoon visit, investigate the tropical on a guided nature walk and unwind on the flawless, sandy seashores. The exciting day adrift incorporates a smorgasbord lunch, morning and evening tea, and lodging pickup and drop-off from Port Douglas.

  • Entire day journey to the Great Barrier Reef island of Low Isles from Port Douglas
  • Swim and snorkel from the seashore with teachers close by to help
  • Guided snorkel visit drove by a sea life researcher
  • Guided seashore stroll around Low Isles Tropical smorgasbord lunch
  • Cruise on an extravagance sailboat obliging up to 200 travellers
  • Hotel pickup and drop off at Port Douglas lodgings

From AUD $210.00

Best Great Barrier Reef Tour For Backpackers

The Great Barrier Reef may seem like an expensive place for backpackers. But, if you’re a backpacker and aren’t looking for a long tour, here’s the best one for you!

The Best Great Barrier Reef Tours​

Great Barrier Reef Sailing and Snorkeling Cruise from Port Douglas

From Viator

Ride to the Low Isles on this Great Barrier Reef cruising and swimming journey from Port Douglas. You’ll appreciate an entire day unwinding on white-sand seashores, swimming and cruising the reef in a glass-base vessel. With a specialist sea life scholar as your guide, investigate flawless tropical waters loaded up with marine life. You’re served a smorgasbord lunch by a mindful team onboard an extravagance sailboat, restricted to 33 travellers.

  • Personal Great Barrier Reef swimming voyage from Port Douglas to the Low Isles
  • Cruise onboard an extravagance sailboat
  • Dine on a smorgasbord lunch, morning and evening tea
  • Take a glass-base vessel visit with a sea life scientist
  • Snorkelling gear and guidance included
  • Numbers restricted to 33 travellers

From AUD $275.00

Best Great Barrier Reef Tour For Couples

Take your partner and go on a tour of the most romantic evenings at the Great Barrier Reef area. Here’s an experience where you can learn something new with your partner while having the most romantic tour of a lifetime!

The Best Great Barrier Reef Tours​

Learn to Scuba Dive on the Great Barrier Reef: 4-Day PADI Open Water Dive Course

From Viator

Figure out how to scuba dive with your partner and make a plunge one of the world’s top areas for submerged miracles: Cairns, Australia, and the Great Barrier Reef. Your expert and agreeable educators lead a 4-day PADI Open Water jump course for your little gathering constrained to eight individuals. You’ll bit by bit get familiar with the aptitudes you have to scuba plunge and procure the globally perceived PADI accreditation. Practice essential scuba aptitudes in the study hall, a pool, and on limited water jumps, at that point find the Great Barrier Reef on untamed water plunges. Lodging moves are incorporated every day.

  • 4-day course on how to experience PADI
  • Open Water course in Cairns
  • Experience two days of exciting diving on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Enjoy two grill snacks served on board
  • Students constrained to a limit of eight at a time

From AUD $520.00

Best Great Barrier Reef Tour On a Budget

If you’re concerned about the budget and want a complete Great Barrier Reef experience in the lowest budget, here’s the tour for you!

The Best Great Barrier Reef Tours​

Cairns Super Saver: Great Barrier Reef Cruise plus Kuranda Scenic Railway plus Cape Tribulation Day Trip

From Viator

From the Great Barrier Reef to the Daintree Rainforest, experience the best of tropical north Queensland on this Cairns Super Saver that consolidates three top of the line visits at one limited cost. More than three days, appreciate a swimming and scuba voyage on the reef; ride the Kuranda Scenic Railway to respect perspectives on the rich rainforest condition, and take a day excursion to Cape Tribulation to see koalas and kangaroos at Wildlife Habitat and appreciate a ride on the Daintree River.

  • 3-day Cairns combo visit with 7% returns
  • Experience the best of Far North Queensland with three of the zone’s most well-known places
  • Figure out how to scuba jump or go swimming on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Ride the Kuranda Scenic Railway from Cairns
  • Admire the perspectives from the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway
  • Take a guided stroll through Mossman Gorge
  • Relax by the seashore at Cape Tribulation

From AUD $431.76

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