Best Places to Stay in Whitsunday Islands

The magical destination of the Whitsunday Islands consists of 74 different types of islands with different views and tastes. Each one of the unique islands has distinct characteristics that make them a place you must visit at least once in your lifetime. If you’re planning on going out to the Whitsunday Islands on your next vacation, here are the 5 best Whitsundays Islands and our recommended places to stay on these spectacular Islands. Lets make sure this beach getaway is something special! 

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Being right at the heart of the Whitsunday Islands region, Hamilton Island is the largest one among the 74 islands. This is the largest inhabited island and has its own airport. With many top-class restaurants, shopping malls and accommodation facilities, Hamilton Island welcome the guests with the magical beaches and range of outdoor activities. Here are the best accommodation options on Hamilton Island!

Reef View Hotel

Being just at a walking distance from the infamous Hamilton Island Marina, the Reef View Hotel has the most exotic views on both day and night. The hotel comes with a classy restaurant featuring some of the most loved seafood menus in the region. The hotel has a large heated swimming pool with cozy chairs for relaxation. There’s a roof-top bar that is open 24/7. The rooms come with modern design. There’s a spacious furnished balcony in each room. The bathroom features separate space for shower and bath. Here are some of the most liked features of this hotel!

  • Spacious terrace restaurant
  • Huge collection of beers and wine at the lounge
  • Fully equipped fitness centre
  • Double tennis courts

Couples loved this hotel for its mesmerizing view and friendly environment. Book your room for the vacation!

Whitsunday Apartments

Standing proudly beside the Catseye Beach, the Whitsunday Apartments is a gigantic apartment hotel that offers both ocean and hill views. There are different types of rooms in the apartment facility. All the rooms come with a spacious balcony with comfortable seating facilities. You can book an ocean view room or watch the tropical garden from the hill view rooms. There’s a huge heated outdoor swimming pool that has a juice bar and relaxing chairs.  All the rooms are well-equipped with complete air-conditioning and a nice kitchenette. There are a microwave and a small refrigerator in each kitchenette. Let’s look at some of the most loved qualities of this hotel!

  • Open balcony with comfortable seating
  • Free shuttle bus on demand
  • Tropical garden view rooms
  • Close to the Catseye Beach

This is the perfect place to enjoy the calmness of the sea or beauty of the tropical gardens on the island. Get your room for the holiday!

Palm Bungalows

For those who love being separated from the crowd and want a place of their own, away from meeting new people, the Palm Bungalows is the holiday gateway they need. Each of the accommodation offered by the Palm Bungalows offers a nicely decorated living space along with a small kitchenette. The rooms are all fully air-conditioned and decorated in the most modern way possible. Guests can use the fitness centre, tennis courts, and shuttle service whenever they want to. On top of that, the golf club is just a walking distance away from the accommodation. Here’s why guests loved the bungalows so much!
  • Free snorkelling equipment
  • Surfing kit provided by the front desk
  • Unlimited usage of the shuttle
  • Close to the wildlife park

Guests loved these bungalows for the serenity and peace they provide. Book yours for the weekend!

Shorelines Waterfront Hamilton Island

If you’re looking for luxurious apartments to stay at the Hamilton Island, the Shorelines Waterfront Hamilton Island is the place for you. The apartments have the most intriguing sea view rooms on the whole island. Each of the apartments comes with 2 different bedrooms and bathrooms. There’s an additional powder room for women. A separate bath and medium-sized kitchen are provided. The kitchen features an oven and dishwasher. There’s a hot tub for the guests to enjoy. On top of that, the apartment features a large terrace and swimming pool that guests can enjoy anytime. Here are the top features of this lovely apartment!

  • Free airport shuttle service on demand
  • Cruise organized by the staff
  • Diving activities available
  • Spacious rooms with modern decoration

The lovely terrace and outdoor swimming pool offer the best nighttime views in the whole island. Book your stay right now!

Being at the farthest corner of the Whitsunday region, Hayman Island has the most unique beaches and wildlife collection. A variety of colourful birds inhabit the gardens and jungles within the island. The surrounding water is home to live corals and unique fishes. There are options for deep-sea diving, snorkelling and many more outdoor activities. Hayman Island comes with only one accommodation that spreads throughout the mainland. Let’s look at it!

InterContinental Hayman Island Resort

From luxurious king suites to carefully organised single suites, the InterContinental Hayman Island Resort welcomes their guests to the wonderful world of tropical gardens and sandy beaches. The luxurious experience starts from the minute guests jump onboard the transition boat with champagne to get to Hayman Island. Suited for relaxation with delicious foods and unique drinks by the pool or beach, brought to the guests by friendly and professional staff. There’s also a range of water activities including- boarding, sailing, and kayaking. On the active days, guests can enjoy hiking through the island, playing tennis at the large courts, playing squash or basketball on the large recreation space and use the gym which has almost everything needed including space for stretching. Here are the most attractive features of this hotel!

  • Luxurious suites of different types
  • Sea/Garden/Lake/Pool view rooms
  • Nicely decorated rooms with perfect finishing
  • Interesting outdoor activities organised

With all the modern setup and beautiful organisation, this hotel surely proves its worth to the guests in the best way possible. Get your room to experience the luxury that awaits!

DayDream island is the tropical paradise of about a kilometre in length and less than 500 meters in width. The island is surrounded by the magical Great Barrier Reef and has 3 different beaches at different locations. One of these beaches has live coral and a huge collection of colourful marine life. The peak point of this island is a dense jungle, inhabited by hundreds of bird species. It’s the perfect gateway for couples and families. Here’s where you can stay and get the amazing experience of the Daydream Reef!

Daydream Island Resort

The one and only place where you can get the most out of your stay at the DayDream Reef is the Daydream Island Resort. The resort offers some of the most organized and modern accommodation options to the guests. There are rooms with single beds as well as suites with king-sized beds. All the rooms are decorated in the traditional Aussie style. The rooms have modern decoration and are perfectly clean with a great outlook. The chef cooks barbeque lunch beside the pool. The pool side bar is just amazing. Guests can take a rainforest walk for a great start to the morning. The tonic bar is great for delicious cocktails. The food is just mouthwatering and fresh. There are many options for outdoor activities. The guests can enjoy the huge swimming pool at the front. Here are the top qualities of this resort!

  • Outdoor activities organized by the staff
  • 24/7 customer service at the front desk
  • Delicious food from top-class restaurants
  • Vibrant nigh-time view

With the most delicious food and range of outdoor activities, the Daydream Island Resort offers the best accommodation options to all sorts of guests. Check in to get the best vacation worth your time!

Packed with beautiful hinterland and plushy snow-white beaches, the Airlie Beach region denotes the most scenic beaches and accommodation options for backpackers and families. The town is filled with top-class restaurants, well-equipped shopping malls, huge entertainment centres, and sports complexes. Visitors love to walk around the beaches and nicely carved tropical gardens. The best accommodations in the region are as follows! See the previous post for more Airlie Beach Accommodation suggestions

Airlie Beach Magnums


It’s only a 3 minutes’ walk from the scenic beach and Airlie lagoon to the Airlie Beach Magnums. With beautifully decorated rooms and suites overlooking the beach, the Airlie Beach Magnums is the perfect place to spend your vacation with your partner, friends or family. The hotel includes space for beach volleyball, a separate recreation room, a beautifully decorated garden with banquets and a large dining area. There are spacious separated rooms, as well as shared rooms with bathrooms and kitchens. For a short stroll, this hotel is the perfect gateway for both couples and groups. Here are some of the most beautiful things in this hotel!

  • Beachy vibe swimming pool with heating facility
  • Poolside bar with tasty cocktails
  • Amazing nearby restaurants
  • Sightseeing activities organized by the front desk

The accommodation facilities offered by the Airlie Beach Magnums have gained popularity greater than most other hotels on the island. Get your room for the vacation!

Whitsunday Moorings B&B

Ocean and Garden View

Having sea view rooms and suites, the Whitsunday Moorings B&B offers the best coral sea experience to their guests. The view from the room is the most loved feature according to the guests. On top of that, you can get everything from top-class restaurants to a range of outdoor activities just within a walking distance from the hotel. The staff is very friendly and open to requests 24/7. Delicious breakfast and lunch organised by the staff. Here are the top qualities of the hotel that guests frequently loved!

  • Beautiful overall design and setup
  • Personalised staying options with friendly staff
  • Spacious rooms with kitchenette and separate bath
  • Range of outdoor activities organised by the front desk

The view from the rooms and the beautiful decoration all around the accommodations have made the guests go back to this place again and again. Get your room and experience the tranquillity yourself!

Mantra Boathouse Apartments

With a fantastic location and beautiful interior, the Mantra Boathouse Apartments has become the perfect gateway for couples and families. The hotel is just a walking distance away from the Airlie town centre. There are top-class restaurants, bars, pubs, and shopping malls just outside the premises. The beach view rooms offer a beautiful view from the spacious balcony. There are a small kitchenette and separate batch in each accommodation. Let’s look at the facilities that the guests loved most!

  • Everything you need right outside the premises
  • Spacious swimming pool with relaxing seating capacity
  • Well-equipped kitchenette
  • Private and large balcony in each accommodation

For a serene vacation experience, this is the perfect gateway for couples. Get your room right now!

This island has the most secluded beaches and the best walking tracks in the whole Whitsunday region. The island is mostly 13 kilometres long and a complete national park. This dream island consists of dreamy beaches and a fantastic ecosystem. There are hundreds of colourful bird breeds and animals living throughout the whole island. The island is surrounded by live coral and fish of many species. Visitors stay at the following resort that enhances the experience!

Palm Bay Resort

The Palm Bay Resort is a luxurious resort by the famous Long Island beach. The resort has its own private beach area with comfortable seating facilities. There’s a large outdoor swimming pool with a heating feature. All the rooms in this facility come with a spacious balcony having a hammock and comfortable furniture. The guests can enjoy the view of the Coral Sea from the sea view rooms or look at the peace of nature from garden view rooms. There’s a huge rainforest located just behind the property. The luxurious private suites are covered with tropical gardens and beachy vibes. Here are the most amazing facilities of this luxury resort!

  • Great quality restaurants
  • Peaceful and calm surrounding
  • Cozy spots to enjoy your time with the best cocktails
  • Enjoy the serenity of the sea through the comfortable balcony

With an amazing view and calm surroundings, the Palm Bay Resort surely has a quiet time that everybody deserves from time to time. Book your room for an amazing experience!

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