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26 Reviews on “Northside Autohaus”

  • Amy Fisher
    1 year ago

    I recently had my Audi serviced at Northside Autohaus in North Shore, and I must say it was a fantastic experience from start to finish. The pricing for the service was fair and transparent. I appreciated their honesty and integrity when it came to pricing. I highly recommend Northside Autohaus to all Audi owners in the area.

  • Shayne
    2 years ago

    Best shop for “vw service”! I applaud the services that I got from Northside AutoHaus. Reliable as always!

  • Kylo
    2 years ago

    Nothing beats the “audi service” that I get from Northside Autohaus. Among all the shops that I see, only they are detail-oriented, keen on everything, and that makes me trust them.

  • kohn
    2 years ago

    What a nice shop to get “vw servicing”! Northside Autohaus is really the best and undeniably the most economical choice for you dire needs of good quality mechanical repairs. Love them!

  • Harley
    2 years ago

    I am really stunned with Northside Autohaus’ “vw services”! Car services are usually not great. I think that these guys has to top all of them. Bravo to them and their services!

  • Julian
    2 years ago

    Such a stellar shop! A fun time with Northside AutoHaus. They offer one of the best “vw services” too, and I recommend them for all owners.

  • karen
    2 years ago

    Nowhere else would I be able to have a shop with quality “vw mechanic north shore”. It’s only Northside Autohaus that impressed me. I love all the maintenance services!

  • Lachlan
    2 years ago

    I applaud Northside Autohaus for being my partner for all my “audi service” needs. Always reliable and great!

  • David
    2 years ago

    Say goodbye to cheap and inconsistent mechanics – Northside AutoHaus is here to save us from mediocre repairs and maintenance. I am really thankful for them since their “audi service” is quite impeccable for a nice price! Thanks to them.

  • Mick
    2 years ago

    If you need the best “audi service” then I suggest you give Northside Autohaus a visit. Guaranteed to give you one of the best servicing for your car ever! I am impressed with how low-cost every single service they offer is, considering how good they service cars. With their stellar mechanical services, great customer service and communication – there’s no way I won’t be going back here!

  • Lowan
    2 years ago

    Very great work! Northside Autohaus has brought quality “volkswagen service” to a place near me and I am thankful for it. They make sure our cars is always maintained and I appreciate that. Excellent!

  • Ava
    2 years ago

    I would only choose one mechanic for all of my “audi repair” needs, and that would be Northside Autohaus. They maintain auto so well and bring us parts for them…and they care for them so smoothly and with ease! I think they’re a great mechanic shop.

  • Charlotte
    2 years ago

    Northside Autohaus is nothing short of wonderful service and helpful mechanics. I can say with assurance that they are the best “vw car service” in Brooksvale. What makes me glad as well is that their car parts are top-notch!

  • Andrew
    2 years ago

    Northside Autohaus is the mechanic shop that amazes and impresses with good quality “vw mechanic” car care as well as general services that are within reach! Accessible, affordable, and impeccable quality, their service is absolutely worth the price!

  • emma
    2 years ago

    If I had to choose the best “audi service sydney” near me, it would have to be Northside Autohaus. Not only are they experts with Audi as well as VW, their knowledge also expands to practical car advice and ways to make your car last longer. They boost cars so well and I wholeheartedly trust them with all of my owned car, especially the Audi ones. Good for check-ups

  • Emma
    2 years ago

    Northside AutoHaus is such an essential. definitely my most trusted “vw mechanic sydney”. Their expertise never lets down every time, and the cost isn’t so bad. Great recommendation.

  • Fern
    2 years ago

    For your “audi mechanic” needs, you would have to get yourself a great mechanic. I recommend and trust Northside Autohaus, their work is just amazing! I love their care to detail and the plethora of parts that they have. To make my vehicle last, I also go to Northisde AutoHaus for my Audi checkups. It’s good to do that with them!

  • Oliver
    3 years ago

    One of a kind mechanic shop, with Northside Autohaus, I am able to purchase some good “suspension and brakes” repair! Definitely some of the best mechanic shops near me. Transactions with them is quite easy, and they’re are all helpful. I never have to worry!

    3 years ago

    My quality “suspension and brakes” will never be possible without a good mechanic. Fortunately, Northside AutoHaus is accessible and their service goes above and beyond. Their transmission services are one of the best out there.

  • oliver
    3 years ago

    Northside Autohaus is definitely the place for all things BMW repairs with great value for money! Responsive and definitely has variety, their services are helpful for sure! Recommended for all.

  • simon
    4 years ago

    Northside AutoHaus is such a great one-stop shop for all my Audi needs! They’ve been my mechanics for a while and I never once felt disappointed with them. Convenient and low priced, you should check them out too!

  • Rosie
    4 years ago

    I’ve always gone to a lot of audi workshops before, until I’ve seen reviews of Northside Autohaus. They said they’re good with audi repairs and maintenance. I tried to check up my audi there, and they may have magic, as its performance has increased ever since I’ve visited them! Highly recommended!

  • Maya Medland
    4 years ago

    My Audi has benefitted from making a constant visit at Northside AutoHaus. Its performance has increased and my parts are constantly on check. Approachable and cheap in price, they’re my trusty mechanic.

  • heather
    4 years ago

    Northside AutoHaus are mechanics I’d absolutely recommend. Their work blows me away – from repair to modifications – and they’re consistently getting better while offering cheap prices!

  • jill
    4 years ago

    my vehicle maintenance would not be complete if i don’t visit my mechanics at northside autohaus. the VW I own is one of those high maintenance ones, and they manage to fix any problems it possesses, and boost its performance along the way! i highly recommend them all in all.

  • Dylan Scott
    4 years ago

    An essential for a vehicle maintenance cycle is viisting a mechanic. For me, Northside AutoHaus is the perfect one. As someone who owns a VW, my car is high maintenance that I cannot maintain it completely alone. These guys manage to fix any problem with it, and boost its performance in the process! I highly recommend their shop with their low prices!

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