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28 Reviews on “Karl Knudsen Automotive”

  • Aubri
    11 months ago

    The staff are always friendly and helpful, and they always go the extra mile to make sure my car is taken care of. I would highly recommend Karl Knudsen to anyone who is looking for a reliable and trustworthy European car mechanic.

  • Holly
    2 years ago

    These guys at Karl Knudsen Automotive are definitely reliable! My “car service chatswood” is solved since both their services and car parts are quality.

  • Gilbert
    2 years ago

    Such a great mechanic to work with! I think that Karl Knudsen Automotive does a stellar job with all the things they do they got on hand. “European car service” is the name of their specialty – and I recommend them!

  • Julian
    2 years ago

    I am truly in love with these guys. Assuring and expertly. They make all of the “european car services” a breeze to do! Thanks, Karl Knudsen Automotive.

  • Emma
    2 years ago

    Essential services, such as “european car service” needs to be from a reputable shop. Fortunately, Karl Knudsen Automotive is one trusted shop for all things car parts and car repairs. I’ve gotten repair there once and it was amazing.

  • Joyce
    2 years ago

    Saying goodbye to bad quality mechanics! Karl Knudsen Automotive has proven to me that they can save us from mediocre services and maintenance. I am grateful since their “european car repairs” is quite the charmer for a nice price. Good work!

  • Kylo
    2 years ago

    I am all for making my cars perform all the better. I wouldn’t be able to pull that off without a trusty “european car repair near me”, and that happens to be Karl Knudsen Automotive. Their expertise is something I always depend on every time I get repairs for my Audis. I recommend their parts too!

  • Lowan
    2 years ago

    Such a great mechanic to transact with! I think that Karl Knudsen Automotive does a stellar job with all the tasks and responsibilities they got on hand. “European car service” is the name of their game and they win it so smoothly. I recommend this mechanic.

  • Fern
    2 years ago

    Karl Knudsen Automotive is such a good repair shop. These guys excel especially in “european car repair”, they made everything so easy and smooth. Speaking of smooth, the transaction that I had with them was one of the smoothest. Their costs aren’t a lot, and that’s while not ever sacrificing repair and product quality! All in all, props to Karl Knudsen Automotive – one of the most trusted auto care near me.

  • Heather
    2 years ago

    I never have to worry about my “european car repair” needs because I know that Karl Knudsen Automotive got me as always. They got my back with all their services as well as their products. I trust their expertise for advice, repairing, and my shafts because they know a lot and they’re friendly. Nice one!

  • Ava
    2 years ago

    Impressive “european car service” shop! There’s a lot of mechanic shops around us, but the quality and attention to detail from Karl Knudsen Automotive leaves us in awe and absolute satisfaction. From their car parts, to the car repairs, they know how to maneuver everything. They never ripped any of us off either, and that seals the deal for me. Worth checking out for your eurocars!

  • Karen
    2 years ago

    No doubt, for all our “european car services”, there is only one to call – Karl Knudsen Automotive. Easy to book, very attentive, and the cost won’t break your wallet!

  • harley
    2 years ago

    Not every mechanic shop can be as responsive, expertly, and overall great. I think I found a great match with Karl Knudsen Automotive – their “european car service” goes above and beyond with their offerings. Love their work ethic so much, appreciate it as a regular customer.

  • oliver
    3 years ago

    Karl Knudsen Automotive is definitely the place for all things euro parts and repairs with great value for money! Responsive and definitely has variety, their services are helpful for sure! Recommended for all.

  • Rosie
    4 years ago

    In the past, I’ve always gone to a lot of workshops, until I’ve seen reviews of Karl Knudsen Automotive. They said they’re good with all types of euro cars and maintenance. I tried to check up my audi there, and their magic hands has boosted the audi big time! Very amazing work and I’d recommend them.

  • Charlotte Williams
    4 years ago

    Karl Knudsen Automotive is nothing short of amazing magic that gets my cars going. They’ve managed to fix my wrecked car in a matter of weeks. Fast, accessible, knowledgeable, approachable, and their services are some of the cheapest in the market that I know of. Kudos to Karl Knudsen Automotive!

  • mick daniels
    4 years ago

    Karl Knudsen Automotive is a friendly shop to work with. They offer constantly reliable service while making sure they build the customer’s loyalty along the way! I often go travelling around the country, so I make sure to stop by Karl Knudsen Automotive in order for my car to maintain its condition and boost its overall performance.

  • tabitha vickers
    4 years ago

    Karl Knudsen Automotive has always been my reliable mechanic for a long time. Good prices and amazing mechanics! Will come back again and again.

  • maya medland
    4 years ago

    the people of Karl Knudsen Automotive are some of the most well-knowledgeable mechanics I’ve encountered. breezy to talk to, efficient in working and very considerate in payments! I recommend them.

  • Dylan Scott
    4 years ago

    Karl Knudsen Automotive have been servicing the people of the North Shore for over 25 years, they make every visit I have count. Professional & reliable when it comes to european repari!

  • Simon Burts
    4 years ago

    Karl Knudsen Automotive – always been a pleasure to go to. A variety of services and products, parts & they make sure to build the customer’s loyalty along the way! My travels are never complete without a visit to Karl Knudsen Automotive and all of their services – worth the pricing!

  • David Smart
    4 years ago

    I have nothing but good words for the exhaust repair I got from Karl Knudsen Automotive. I used to not trust mechanics, but these guys are very excellent in the work.

  • Andrew
    4 years ago

    Karl Knudsen Automotive fixes even the most broke cars there is. I love the way they do their service, professional & reliable. Hands down one of the best.

  • Jessica Anderson
    4 years ago

    I am loyal to Karl Knudsen Automotive. For years, they’ve never failed to fix our clan’s cars efficiently, professionally, and most of all, it fits the allocated budget for repairs I have. Very good to their team for this consistency.

  • brent mask
    4 years ago

    My reliable “mobile car mechanic” for years will always be the team from Karl Knudsen Automotive. They’re skilled and friendly, never rips me off with their prices, and their repairs are effective.

  • Charli Myatt
    4 years ago

    Simply one of the finest “car repair brisbane” I’ve seen! Karl Knudsen Automotive offers good prices while giving good quality service. They have a group of regulars because their service is just superb. They fixed my Audi quite nicely!

  • Lachlan Hamilton
    4 years ago

    One of the best “mercedes benz repairs sydney” I’ve seen! Karl Knudsen Automotive blows it out of the water when it comes to smash repairs and repairing. I bought my Merc Benz there and did nothing but maintainance and told me good tips as well! What a helpful mechanic shop.

  • Leona Main
    5 years ago

    I took my car to Karl Knudsen Automotive and they were helpful in fixing all of my car’s problems! Since the car I own, which is a Peugeot, isn’t originally mine, I didn’t really have any idea on how to maintain it. Fortunately, Karl and the other lads have been generous with advice when I asked them. I can see their expertise with their advice and workmanship, and that makes me feel assured that my car will last for a long time.

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