The Secret to Glowing Skin (Nutrition)

Did you know that the secret to a glowing and clear complexion is not in your bathroom draw or in your makeup case, it’s actually in your diet!

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of good nutrition for gut, brain and heart health to name a few; but are you aware of the benefits good nutrition can have on your bodies largest organ – your skin. 

Common skin ailments such as acne, wrinkles, inflammation and redness can all be traced back to what foods you are eating. By making a few simple swaps and changes, you can dramatically improve your skin health, boost your self-confidence and eat your way to a healthy glowing complexion.

Here’s my guide to your best ever skin:

Eat regular meals

Why? Have you ever overindulged your sweet tooth when you’re hungry? Huge spikes and blood sugar levels can cause acne to flare up due to increase in the hormone insulin. Instead enjoy regular meals and avoid skipping meals. 

Low GI foods can dramatically help to reduce the inflammation and hormones that drive acne to flare up. So, stocking your fridge and pantry with options like Greek yogurt, apples, wholegrain bread and crackers and nut butter. 

Next time you venture to your local grocery store or farmers markets be sure to stock up on these skin wonder foods – after all you are what you eat! 

Foods To Include: 

Walnuts, Fatty Fish and Flaxseed: These are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, this will help reduce inflammation as well as keeping you feeling full and satisfied between meals.

Green tea:  Rich in so many antioxidants which protect from environmental stressors keeping your pores clear.

Dark green leafy vegetables and dark coloured vegetables and fruits: They are high in beta carotene we which naturally help reduce skin oils as well as being anti-inflammatory.

Fennel: This liquorice flavoured veggie works wonders for your skin and hair. Among its benefits it aids in digestion, reduces swelling in the body and helps to flush out excess toxins and fluids.

Legumes: These are rich in fibre which aids in digestion and detoxification for happier healthy tummy’s.

Water:  H20 helps keep your skin hydrated as well as flushing out toxins which can clog pores! Add some lemon for a refreshing taste as well as enhance your body’s ability to detoxify and neutralise free radicals that cause harmful skin damage! 

Dark Chocolate: Yes, that’s right you have a legitimate excuse to eat chocolate (yay).  70% + cocoa chocolate contains high levels of flavonoids, an antioxidant, to improve blood flow for glowing skin.

Orange and Yellow Fruits and Vegetables:  These sunny coloured foods provide high levels of vitamins A and C, beta-carotene as well as Zeaxanthin which protects against free radical damage. And lycopene which helps skin repair from free radical damage. Pineapples in particular are your skins best friend because they are able to enhance digestion and improve your livers detoxification process plus it also improves collagen production – goodbye Botox! 

Eggs: The yolk of an egg helps balance hormones and reduce hormone-related skin blemishes and irritations. Eggs are abundant in high levels of vitamin A as well as protein.

Foods To Avoid:

Refined Sugars: Yes, we are looking at you – biscuits, soft drinks and often protein bars. Why? These foods cause a quick spike in blood sugar levels which in turn causes a release in the hormone insulin. Insulin can trigger your glands to produce more oil which can increase the risk and severity of acne. Swap these for low GI options such as oranges, strawberries and grapefruit and wholegrains like bread, rice and pasta. 

Salty Foods:  More often than not we associate bloating with the stomach, but did you know that a diet high in sodium can also lead to facial bloat. After eating too much salt the body can retain fluid for up to a day and store it in areas such as your face resulting in unwanted puffiness that can last up to 2 days. My advice is to limit your salty takeout options to once-a-week and be sure to drink plenty of water.  

Alcohol: It is a well-known fact that alcohol can dehydrate your body and ultimately your skin. Dehydration can lead to skin issues such as wrinkles and fine lines, enlarged red blood vessels and spider veins. My advice is to have a few alcohol-free days each week. Choose red wine when you do want to enjoy an alcoholic drink and sip on a glass of water between your vino to remain hydrated.

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