How to Land Social Media Clients with Paid Advertising

Trying to figure out how to finally land social media clients with paid advertising? You’re ready to get new leads and customers for your company and you’re wondering how to do it with paid ads?

This article is going to answer this question for you. You’ll learn how to market a business, promote your business and use the power of paid advertising to help your brand soar to new levels.

Paid advertising can be a driving force to help you get warm leads for your social media business.

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What Kind of Business Needs Social Media Clients?

If you’re seeking social media clients, then that means you operate a social media company, like a digital agency, for example.

Your job is to help companies reach their goals using social media.
This means you will play a role in helping them increase their revenue, reach new customers, spread their brand message and grow their traffic. Your job is pretty important and luckily, with the spread in popularity of social media, a lot of companies realize how important it is.

So, with brands being aware of how powerful social networks are, shouldn’t it be easy to get clients?

Not necessarily.

There are barriers that you can face and if you’re a new SMM company, you may be stuck with just getting started.

How do I get my first SMMA client?

How do agencies get clients?

These are just a handful of the questions you might be asking yourself.

Let’s dive in.

My Start with Social Media Marketing

Like many entrepreneurs, I started taking SMMA clients when my efforts from my own business took off. I was running an ecommerce store and I used social media to grow the fanbase to over 100,000 fans, reaching customers on platforms like Wanelo, Pinterest, and more.

I got most of my traffic from social networks and get this, I used ZERO paid advertising at first. This just goes to show you how incredible social networking can be.

After selling my business, because I was so successful using social media to grow my own business, I decided to take on a handful of SMMA clients on the side.


I helped them reach their goals. I worked with a ton of different companies from attorneys, Etsy stores, magazine publishers, bloggers, podcasters, and many more.

I’ll reveal all the top strategies you can use to land social media clients for your business.

Here we go!

What is Business Marketing?

Simply put, it’s the process of promoting a business. When you take on business marketing, you are advertising the company to spread brand awareness, increase traffic, make money, and other reasons.

When you’re in the business of marketing, like running a social media agency, you can use the same tactics you use for your clients for yourself to get business.

Make sense?

You’re at a huge advantage here.

Businesses that specialize in other areas of expertise are usually forced to hire outside help to market for them. 

You can do it yourself!

Here are some strategies to help you get clients in the door.

How to Get Social Media Clients

There are two routes you can go:

  • Free
  • Paid

Going the free route is good if you don’t have an advertising budget. It can take longer to get up and going so if you have a budget for paid advertising, which you might since you’re reading this, then you’ll love what I’m going to say next.

A paid advertising budget is going to skyrocket your ability to get clients quickly and with less effort than if you had to use free methods.

Check out these 7 paid advertising routes you can take to get more clients:

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising can be incredibly cheap and pretty easy to scale once you start seeing results. The key to getting a well-performing campaign going is through testing.
Test it all:

  • Captions
  • Creatives
  • Audiences

Go crazy here.

This will take money. It can take up to $500 or more in testing before you finally land that one campaign that’s working for you. But, the good news is, once you start getting leads that convert, the campaign will pay for itself.

Make sure to pay close attention to how your campaign is performing and monitor the results as often as you can.

When you land on a winning ad, scale it and continue growing your leads.

2. Networking Events

Some networking events are free but a lot of them are paid, like going to conferences, fundraisers, etc.

Participate in as many as you can and start making connections.

You can do this online too, with paid online events you find through LinkedIn, industry forums and other places.

Networking works. Give it a try.

3. Google Ads

Google ads are often thought of as the place businesses go for marketing that sell physical products, like boutiques, subscription box companies, etc.

But, Google Ads can work great for digital products and services too!

Not to mention, you can get a Google Ads credit from a ton of different places, saving some money on your first campaign.

Check your hosting provider, email marketing software company, or domain provider for ad credit coupons you can use.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Ads, it can be a little tricky in the beginning.

Make sure to educate yourself about how they work before diving in feet first.

Take a beginner’s course or training on Udemy or Skillshare to get familiar with the platform and learn the ropes.

4. Monetize Your Expertise

What’s your winning formula for your SMMA clients?

Are you a whiz with Pinterest? Is Twitter your thing?

Use that platform and invest in paid advertising to grow your leads. This is the best kept secret that’s right under your nose. Go for it.

5. Facebook Groups

Wait, Facebook groups are free, right?

They are unless you’re joining a group that only accepts paying students.

Find your target customer in Facebook groups tied to a course or training. Buy that course or training. Join the group.


Then, once you’re in, share knowledge, educate others, be helpful and provide value. Practice attraction marketing to bring customers to you without you having to go for the hard sell.

I’ve done this myself over and over in one group I’m in, resulting in four figure sales from one product in a short period of time. It works like magic, every single time.

6. Email Marketing

I hope you’re using email marketing. If not, start today. It’s a great source of leads for your business and you can totally put it on autopilot.

Invest in an email marketing software solution like ConvertKit and start getting leads from your website.

Other email marketing providers include:

How to Use Email Marketing?

Get leads, share news and announcements with your subscribers, offer a free email course, and drip feed the content you want to your email list. You can automate it all with sequences too.

It’s kind of like turning on sales with a press of a button.

Yes, it’s that powerful.

Start creating your opt-in forms on your website and begin email marketing if you’re not already!

7. Content Marketing

Publish blog posts on your website, rank for keywords, get noticed in search engines and bring in a steady stream of warm leads for your social media business.

First, hire writers.

Next, do keyword research or hire experts to the research for you.


That’s it!

Writers will create keyword-rich, informative articles that reach your target audience. The blog posts will answer your audience’s questions, solve pain points, and uncover their burning desires.

Your content will be valuable and your blog will be a place that will turn interested prospects into your paying clients.

To make a little extra money, you can monetize the blog posts with affiliate links, too!

This is one of the top strategies I’ve personally used to make over $10,000 with my digital courses!

Where to Find Writers and Hire Experts?

Freelance marketplaces are a great place to find experts to hire.

Try these:

Final Word

After reading this, I hope you’re not still left scratching your head thinking how to promote your business.

Take away from this article what you like and don’t be afraid to test one or more of the marketing strategies shared above to help you land social media clients with paid advertising.

Good luck!


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