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Clinical hypnotherapy to enhance health & well-being, stop smoking, pain control, sports performance, improve memory & stress management. Qualified counsellor & clinical hypnotherapist. Member A.C.A. & AAPHAN
Address: 11, 151 Cotlew Street Ashmore 4214 QLD
Phone: 07 5574 5664
Contact: Carolyn Gosling
Website: www.australianhypnosis.com
email info@australianhypnosis.com


We provide comprehensive courses accredited by NTB, VTA & are Centrelink approved. Enables students to graduate as fully qualified clinical hypnotherapists. Qualifications are recognised by peak bodies. DEET approved for overseas students
Address: Level 1, 6 Riddell Pde Elsternwick 3185 VIC
Phone: 03 9532 4433 Fax: 0395329111
Contact: Glenys
email hypnoticscience@bigpond.com.au


Qualified and Registered Professional Hypnotherapist and Behavioural Therapist in private practice for over 10 years. Whether the issue be weight, smoking, self esteem, anxiety, depression, stress, life change, relationship, motivation, insomnia, performance blocks, birthing, relaxation etc. professional hypnotherapy in conjunction with pro active behavioural therapy can provide an easier way to change.
Address: Phone Contact
Phone: 02 6241 2765 Mobile: 0406 376 302
Contact: Brenda Searle
email brenda.searle@internode.on.net


We at Alpha Hypnotics deliver Forensic and Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, and can resolve victimological issues. We specialize in EFT, EMDR, Past Life Therapy and Ego State Therapy. How about bringing about a positive life change for yourself. Hypnosis is able to do this with your help. You can cease those annoying or bad habits. Remove phobias. Even bring about a cure of illness and physiological complaints within the body. As all hypnosis is self hypnosis the process is self driven with clear and professional guidance delivered by the practitioner. Don't feel that you can't be hypnotized or that it won't work for you. As in excess of 95% of people are able to be hypnotized or can put themselves into at least a light trance. Hypnosis through the addition of a trained and competent therapist can be used to increase your self esteem, improve memory, cure insomnia, stop smoking, substance abuse, assist in loosing weight and enhance your sex and love life. Overcome stalled careers, procrastination, fear of flying and other issues. What then is the secret to this powerful therapy? The secret lies in your ability to allow the mind to bring about positive changes with the guidance of the therapist. This can effectively be achieved through "Ego State Therapy" which according to Dr. Gordon Emerson PhD "can foster an improved psychological and physical experience of life". Hypnosis combined with the abilities of a trained professional can bring about great and permanent changes for you in your physical and psychological well being.
Address: 1 Blossom St Mitcham 3132 VIC
Phone: 03 8610 6492 Other Phone: 03 88024420
Contact: Dr. Alfred Podhorodecki
Website: http://www.alphahypnotics.com
email apodhor@bigpond.com


Private Hypnotherapy practice located in the Eastern Suburbs. Amanda works with you to eliminate unwanted habits, beliefs, fears and phobias. Specialising in Hypnotherapy and NLP Techniques Treatments include: Stop Smoking, Addictions, Weight Loss, Sleep Disorders, Nail Biting, Sexual Issues, Sexual Health, Anger Management, Pain Management, Stress & Anxiety, Fear & Phobias.
Address: 118 Bronte Road Bondi Junction 2022 NSW
Phone: 04 3882 2433
Contact: Amanda Hubbard
Website: http://www.amandahubbard.com/


Clinical hypnosis, enhances well-being & contributes to the healing process. Hypnosis is also beneficial for smoking cessation, weight reduction, stress mgmt, pain mgmt, confidence building, exam prep, self esteem, emotional bal. & harmony
Address: PO Box 2413 Chermside Centre 4032 QLD
Phone: 07 3314 7711 Other Phone: 0404059441 Fax: 0733147711
Contact: Margaret or Ron
email info@ambienttherapies.com

Angel Wings Healing Pty Ltd (HYPNOTHERAPY)(EAST MELBOURNE)(BOX HILL SOUTH) (VIC) (Australia)

Alternative healing. Caring, spiritual approach. Private Consultations and Workshops in Reiki, Sekhem and Seichim. Rebalance and empower mind and body with channelled energy work, Hypnotherapy, flower essences and energy balancing massage. Hypnotherapy all issues, including Past life Therapy.
Address: 20 Grandview Rd Box Hill South 3128 VIC
Phone: 03 98880138 Mobile: 0421977193 Fax: (03) 98880138
Contact: Michelle Mayur
Website: www.angelwings-healing.com
email info@angelwings-healing.com


Internationally trained by world experts. Make better choices, eliminate limiting beliefs, change negative behaviours and move towards what you really need...fast! Set up and attract better results. It's all possible when you know how, and Ann will show you!
Address: 22/21 Duxford Street Paddington 2021 NSW
Phone: 02 9357 1989 Fax: (02) 9357 1989
Contact: Ann Nixon
Website: http://www.theresalwaysmore.com
email info@theresalwaysmore.com

Australian Hypnosis and Training Services (HYPNOTHERAPY)(BRISBANE NORTHERN SUBURBS)(RED HILL) (QLD) (Australia)

Ahats Director Glynis Bretherton is a qualified Hypnosis Specialist, Counsellor and Educator. Glynis says, " By using hypnosis you can move through problems more quickly. You will be helped to develop strategies to 'take away' with you so you can use them in your everyday life to continue with positive change AND all of this is reinforced by hypnosis". Your negative patterns of thinking and behaviour will be replaced with positive ones. The opportunity for change lies within your subconsciour mind. Stop smoking! Lose weight! Remove stress! The opportunity awaits.....
Address: 47 Arthur Tce Red Hill 4059 QLD
Phone: 07 3367 1150
Contact: Glynis Bretherton
Website: www.aushypnosistraining.com.au
email info@aushypnosistraining.com.au


20 years of practice has made me a Specialist in releasing inappropriate feelings and emotions from anxiety, stress, fears, phobias and trauma issues. My training includes releasing habits such as gambling and alcohol addiction as well as smoking, marijuana, weight and other food issues. I have worked in Child Sexual Abuse and Trauma and Pain Management and use EFT, EMDR and TIR in the trance state of hypnosis. A Clinical Member (CM) and Fellow of the AHA, CM ATMS, Accred.PACFA CM 21225 & Member of ACEP.
Address: 22 Epsom Rd Chipping Norton 2170 NSW
Phone: 02 9755 5512 Mobile: 0407 275 329
Contact: Bruni Brewin
Website: www.bbbenefits.com.au
email brunibrewin@bbbenefits.com.au

Ben Fairweather Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (HYPNOTHERAPY)(BRISBANE SURROUNDS)(QLD) (Australia)

A professional, caring and client-centred approach to hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Brisbane, Australia. Offering fast and effective techniques to create lasting change in your life, in the shortest amount of time.
Address: Phone Contact
Phone: 0433 379 986
Contact: Ben Fairweather
Website: http://www.fairweatherhypnotherapy.com
email ben@fairweatherhypnotherapy.com

Break State Clinical Hypnotherapy (HYPNOTHERAPY)(NEWCASTLE)(MAYFIELD) (NSW) (Australia)

Client centered, brief effective interventions for lasting change.Assisting people with; weight loss, motivation, depression, trauma, addictions, chronic pain, anxiety, voice hearing and more.
Address: 6 Pitt Street Mayfield 2304 NSW
Phone: 0488 049 833
Contact: Chris Newton


YOU can become a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the PREMIER ACCREDITED HYPNOTHERAPY COLLEGE in Queensland.Training with us will give you all the knowledge and confidence you need to build your own professional practice!
Address: Suite 3, 16-36 Nile St Buranda 4102 QLD
Phone: 07 321 7 3 560
Contact: Gwen Ford
Website: http://careeraccelerators.com.au/


CaS Therapy is a unique blend of Conscious and Subconscious Therapies, that has been developed by Cas Willow who is a Qualified Professional Counsellor and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist who "Helps YOU Gets Results". Specially developed CAS Therapy is a combination of 15 different modalities carefully blended and weaved effectively together creating the most innovative and powerful source of therapeutic treatment. CAS Therapy has been designed to help you achieve what you desire most. This is a therapy that really works, time and time again, this type of therapy has been developed from a true system that is evidence based from world experts. This therapy offers you a way to live a quality and balance life Right NOW! The therapy guides you through learning and changing pathways moving through and past the road blocks into the here and now; creating a future filled with positive and wonderful
Address: Mason Street Newport 3015 VIC
Phone: 03 9327 2293 Other Phone: 0428 655 270 Mobile: 0428 655 270 Fax: (03) 9327 2293
Contact: Cas Willow
Website: www.CasWillow.com
email cas@caswillow.com

Clinical Hypnotherapy for Women - Kerrie Saunders BA, CCHT, CMAHA (HYPNOTHERAPY)(BRISBANE SURROUNDS)(REDCLIFFE) (QLD) (Australia)

Clinical Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists' Association. I specialise in assisting you gently yet surely to accomplish the changes you wish for yourself using scientifically proven, effective, safe and non-addictive therapy. Short-term, no medication involved and you ALWAYS remain in control. FREE 30 minute no obligation consultation... RING NOW 0404 266 999
Address: Redcliffe QLD
Phone: 0404 266 999
Contact: Kerrie Saunders
Website: www.kerriesaunders.com.au
email kerrie@kerriesaunders.com.au


Hypnotherapy Clinic. Gold Coast's Experienced hypnotherapist - Dr Barry Pierce - internationally recognised - Member ASCH & ACA - Free Consultation offered - Many Health Plans accepted.
Address: 55 Railway Street Mudgeeraba 4213 QLD
Phone: 0422 220 499
Contact: Dr Barry Pierce
Website: http://www.hypnotherapy4u.com.au
email how2win@email.com

CommonHealth Hypnotheraphy (HYPNOTHERAPY)(IPSWICH)(IPSWICH) (QLD) (Australia)

Australia's Master hypnotist, KEVIN J SMALLEY assists people to stop smoking - FAST!
Lose weight - FAST! overcome fears and phobias - FAST! MUCH MORE..
Address: 8/81 Brisbane Street Ipswich 4305 QLD
Phone: 07 3812 1990 Mobile: 0421 345 328
Contact: Kevin Smalley
Website: www.kevinshypno.weebly.com
email kevinshypno@bigpond.com

Creating Pathways (HYPNOTHERAPY)(NEWCASTLE)(MARYVILLE) (NSW) (Australia)

Creating Pathways provides Hypnotherapy, Art Therapy and Psychotherapy in order to create lasting change for the individual. I have a passion for working with children and young adults. I specialise in anxiety and depression and i enjoy working with grief and trauma. Hypnotherapy is also useful for fears and phobias, weight management, quit smoking, goal setting, self esteem, exam anxiety.
Address: 68 Estell St Maryville 2293 NSW
Phone: 0416 343 691 Mobile: 0416343691
Contact: Becky Carver
Website: http://www.creatingpathways.com.au

Creative Rite Solutions (HYPNOTHERAPY)(PERTH CITY)(FREMANTLE) (WA) (Australia)

Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP Trainer, Coaching and COnsulting for groups and individual sessions.Jennipher McDonald B.A(Hons) is passionate about helping people to use their mind, imagination and creativity and enhance their lives in ways that surprise and delight them.
Address: Business Foundations, Old Fremantle Prison Knutsford St Entrance 15/2nd Floor Fremantle 6160 WA
Phone: 0403 1 7 3 790 Other Phone: 08 9 331 3790 Mobile: 0403 17 3790
Contact: Jennipher McDonald
Website: http://www.creativeritesolutions.com

Dance of the Soul Hypnotherapy (HYPNOTHERAPY)(SUNSHINE COAST)(MAROOCHYDORE) (QLD) (Australia)

Hypnotherapy is a gentle, subtle method to access scripts that have been playing out in our lives as patterns for many years. Often these patterns are not immediately known to us but we do know we want CHANGE! Hypnosis allows us to make these changes in a safe environment. It is successful for weight loss, smoking cessation, inner child, pain management, motivation, confidence! Call us today to find out how this can help you.
Address: 23 Thomas St Maroochydore 4558 QLD
Phone: 0404 131 153 Mobile: 0404 131 153
Contact: Chiara Marrapodi
Website: www.dancesoulhypnotherapy.com
email hypnotherapist@dancesoulhypnotherapy.com

Debbie Fraser Hypnotherapy (HYPNOTHERAPY)(SUNSHINE COAST)(LITTLE MOUNTAIN) (QLD) (Australia)

Debbie has been working on the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years and specialises in the Gastric Lap Band Hypnotherapy as seen on a Current Affair. She also specialises in Quit smoking, depression, phobias and relationship problems.
Address: 5 Ascot Way Little Mountain 4551 QLD
Phone: 07 5491 3505 Mobile: 0416072751
Contact: Debbie Fraser
Website: http://debbiefraserhypnotherapy.com


The EasyStop clinics have treated a diverse range of smokers, from those who smoke just ten cigarettes at weekends to those smoking over a hundred a day - including those who have quit smoking many times before. You can find help if you just need a quick booster to stop smoking, or even if the mere thought of quitting smoking fills you with absolute dread and fear. EasyStop is across the globe with clinics in many countries and has a great success rate.
Address: Level 2 / 169 Macquarie Street Parramatta 2150 NSW
Phone: 02 8833 1410 Other Phone: 1800 327978
Contact: Service Staff
Website: http://www.easystop.com.au/
email enquiries@easystop.com.au


Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist treating smoking, weight, self esteem, confidence, anxiety, stress, and many other issues..
Address: Phone Contact Box Hill North 3129 VIC
Phone: 03 9078 8277 Mobile: 0423 715 233
Contact: Julia
Website: http://www.emergehypnosis.com.au
email emergehypnosis@gmail.com

Glen Pattison's quit smoking.asn.au (HYPNOTHERAPY)(SYDNEY EASTERN SUBURBS)(EDGECLIFF) (NSW) (Australia)

Glen Pattison's Quit Smoking Session is the healthiest & easiest way to quit smoking available! Just one session is required. Session price $240 (inc GST) Unique Lifetime Guarantee! * No pills * No patches * No Lasers ... Just effective results! Many office locations Edgecliff , Miranda, Mosman, Frenchs Forest & Newcastle. Call or email to book a session or enquire!
Address: 203/233 New South Head Rd Edgecliff 2027 NSW
Phone: 0412 499 101 Other Phone: 02 9971 0224 Mobile: 0412 499 101
Contact: Glen Pattison
Website: www.quitsmoking.asn.au
email glen@quitsmoking.asn.au

Healthwize Naturopathic Centre (HYPNOTHERAPY)(HAWKESBURY)(GLENHAVEN) (NSW) (Australia)

Medical research has shown 'stress' is a predominant factor in many of our health problems: dependency, addictions, anxiety, depression, insomnia, tension headaches, low self-esteem & performance blocks, P.S.H. Private Subconscious mind Healing
Address: 2 Greenbank Drv Glenhaven 2156 NSW
Phone: 02 9894 8463
Contact: John McCaskie

Hypnoscience Mobile Hypnotherapy (HYPNOTHERAPY)(SYDNEY)(NSW) (Australia)

Hypnotherapy for weight loss, smoking cessation, increased motivation, performance, reduced anxiety by professional hypnotherapist, counselor and registered nurse. Mobile service at your convenience. You only require a comfortable peaceful environment. Reasonable price for professional service. Call 0431 604 843 or 9759 5878
Address: mobile service
Phone: 02 9759 5878 Mobile: 0431 604 843 Fax: 02 9824 0720
Contact: Benjamin Kelly
Website: www.hypnoscience.com.au
email administration@hypnoscience.com.au

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy practitioner, Marj Morriss (HYPNOTHERAPY)(MELBOURNE BAYSIDE)(ELIZA) (VIC) (Australia)

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic programming, NLP, Reiki, Reiki healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner Melbourne. Marj Morriss Hypnotherapist, Haven of Wellness
Address: Mount Eliza Way MOUNT Eliza 3930 VIC
Phone: 03 9787 2506
Contact: Marj Morriss
Website: http://www.havenforwellness.com/
email mmorriss@bigpond.net.au


Imagine that you have a very powerful ally, one that has infinite potential, creativity, wisdom, compassion and strength. One that remembers everything that you have done, protects you every moment of every day, has 100% trust and belief in you and is there to help you. This ally is your subconscious mind.
Address: 64 Shaw st Kingsgrove 2208 NSW
Phone: 02 9554 3350 Other Phone: 0402223350
Contact: Lyndall Briggs
Website: www.hypnotherapy.net.au/
email briggs@hypnotherapy.net.au

Hypnotherapy / Counselling (HYPNOTHERAPY)(BRISBANE CITY)(SPRING HILL) (QLD) (Australia)

Professional Caring Help with Anxiety, Depression, Irritable Bowel, Eating Disorders, Weightloss, Smoking
Address: Montserrat Day Hospital, Level 2/35 Astor Terrace Spring Hill 4000 QLD
Phone: 61 07 3833 6735 Other Phone: 61 07 3833 6735 Fax: 61 07 3833 6735
Contact: Peter McMahon
Website: www.HypnotherapyQueensland.com
email petermcmahon@hypnotherapyqueensland.com


Struggling to lose weight or to stop smoking. Thought you have tried everything? You have not tried everything until you have tried Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy in Perth have advanced clinical hypnotherapy techniques to assist you win your battle with weight and or bad habits.
Address: Cnr Lyell Grove & Timberlane Drive Woodvale 6026 WA
Phone: 04 1294 2024 Other Phone: 0412 942024
Contact: Christine
Website: www.perthhypnotherapy.com.au
email chrs@westnet.com.au

Hypnotherapy Sydney Tim Thornton (HYPNOTHERAPY)(SYDNEY - CBD)(SYDNEY) (NSW) (Australia)

Hello, I'm Tim Thornton and I work as a clinical hypnotherapist, providing hypnotherapy and Mesmerism in Sydney CBD since 2006.I specialise in quit smoking and helping people to lose weight with the virtual gastric band procedure.Hypnosis and hypnotherapy work for a variety of issues. I can help you with specific issues, overcome bad habits, let go of negative beliefs and patterns. Hypnotherapy is a pleasant, relaxing experience that effectively prepares you for achieving your life goals.
Address: 135 - 137 Macquarie Street Sydney 2000 NSW
Phone: 0424 079 690 Mobile: 0424 079 690
Contact: Tim Thornton
Website: http://timthornton.com.au

Hypnotherapy, Corporate coaching, Life Coaching (HYPNOTHERAPY)(VICTORIA)(VIC) (Australia)

Stop Smoking, Weight Reduction, Stress Reduction, Sports Performance Enhancement, Anxieties, Remove Fears, Relationships, Nail Biting,
Public Speaking, Pain Management, Anger Management, Sexual Issues,
Self-Confidence & Esteem, Test Anxiety, Sleeping Problems, Memory Enhancement, Business Coaching, Life Coaching
And, Much Much More...and all: DRUG FREE !
For more information on our services, visit our Web Site www.phoenixcentre.com.au or call us and we will be very Happy to provide you with a F R E E first time consultation
Address: 5A Railway Place
Phone: 03 9486 3337 Fax: 03-094863350
Contact: Pablo Metz
Website: www.phoenixcentre.com.au
email info@phoenixcentre.com.au


Clinical hypnotherapy & EFT to heal & enhance well-being. We have programs to stop smoking, eliminate phobias & blocks, build confidence & self-esteem. Pain control & painless childbirth programs
Address: 12 Huon Grove Ashburton 3147 VIC
Phone: 03 9885 0440 Fax: 0398850448
Contact: Frank Jockel
Website: www.thefutureis.com
email info@thefutureis.com

In Tune Hypnotherapy (HYPNOTHERAPY)(BENDIGO)(BRUNSWICK) (VIC) (Australia)

Do you want to quit smoking or lose weight? Have you tried to get rid of an unhelpful habit? Why not try hypnotherapy? Hypnosis to quit smoking and hypnosis for weight loss have been proven to have long lasting powerful results. Hypnosis helps you to make changes on a deeper subconscious level. Ring me today!
Address: 558 Sydney Road Brunswick 3056 VIC
Phone: 0423 090 885
Contact: Nina Dewar
Website: http://www.intunehypnotherapy.com.au


Hypnotherapy for quit smoking, losing weight, stopping bad habits, gaining confidence to achieve goals and overcome fears. Also help in other areas. Please contact us with any questions
Address: Suite118, 330 Wattle street 2007 NSW
Phone: 02 9212 2045
Contact: John Bullock
Website: http://www.johnlbullock.com.au
email hypnojlb@tpg.com.au


Speciality Areas - smoking, stress, performance enhancement, self confidence, phobias and much more.
Address: Suite 2 Level 1 159-165 Northumberland St Liverpool 2170 NSW
Phone: 1300 664 908 Mobile: 0438 988 744
Contact: Michael Walker
Website: http://www.metadynamics.com.au


Do you want to make changes in your Life ? Weight Loss,Stop Smoking,Stress,Anxiety,Depression,Fears,Anger, Phobias,Grief,Panic Attacks,Lack of Motivation,Low Self Eteem, Lack of Confidence,Sleep Problems,Sadness,unwanted habits and behaviours and much more....
Address: Woodvale Natural Health Centre,1 Timberlane,Drive Woodvale 6026 WA
Phone: 08 9304 6470 Mobile: 0420864246
Contact: Mandy Lisbon
Website: http://www.mandylisbon.com.au


Qualified and Registered Professional Hypnotherapist and Behavioural Therapist in private practice for over 10 years.
Whether the issue be weight, smoking, self esteem, anxiety, depression, stress, life change, relationship, motivation, insomnia, performance blocks, birthing, relaxation etc. professional hypnotherapy in conjunction with pro active behavioural therapy can provide an easier way to change.
While the process of non intrusive gentle hypnotherapy helps to release the feelings attached to underlying issues, pro active behavioural therapy provides EASY to use practical effective strategies that are usable and 'doable' in our busy lives.
This is OPPOSITE to more traditional approaches that delve into our history and focus on all of the 'why's' of our issue and then go over and over the 'whys' and search for deep deep underlying issues. It is, however, about how to GET WHAT YOU WANT AND MOVE ON IN YOUR LIFE NOW.
Phone: 02 6241 2765 Mobile: 0406 376 302
email brenda.searle@internode.on.net


Mindful Hypnosis helps you to seek personal positive change and empowerment in your life. Using hypnosis which is a natural state and other psychotherapeutic techniques, you will learn to go into the state of hypnosis easily and rapidly. You will learn to tap into your own inner resources to discover unique qualities and skills you have and how to apply them to everyday life. Mindful Hypnosis also teaches HypnoBirthing (The Mongan Method) a unique course teaching pregnant women and their partners techniques to enable them to have a calm, satisfying, natural birth and how their beliefs and thoughts can influence the type of birth they have.
Address: Phone Contact Williamstown 5351 SA
Phone: 0418 817 295
Contact: Claire Mazuran
Website: www.mindfulhypnosis.com.au
email claire@mindfulhypnosis.com.au

Momentum Clinical Hypnotherapy Centre (HYPNOTHERAPY)(MELBOURNE BAYSIDE)(CHELTENHAM) (VIC) (Australia)

Momentum Hypnotherapy provides fully qualified and accredited hypnotherapy services, to assist with many common presenting issues including: Quit smoking, Weight loss, Fears and phobia, Stress and anxiety plus confidence issues and poor sleeping patterns.
Address: 226 Charman Road Cheltenham 3192 VIC
Phone: 03 9587 0313 Mobile: 0413626045
Contact: Simon Cartwright
Website: http://www.momentumhypnotherapy.com.au


Hypnotherapy & NLP training. Hands-on intensive courses. Suitable for personal development or practitioners. Gold Coast & Sydney. Private consultations available
Address: 33 Scarborough St Southport 4215 QLD
Phone: 07 5594 7334 Fax: 0755717141
Contact: James Pocock
Website: www.selfempowerment.buzishop.com


Hypnosis for Conception & Birth in Brisbane. Trying to conceive? Fertility Hypnosis can help by enhancing your fertility naturally or improve your success with IVF treatments. Want a Natural birth without intervention? then checkout HypnoBirthing; Natural ChildBirth Antenatal classes
Address: 47 Arthur Tce Red Hill 4059 QLD
Phone: 0409 615 325 Mobile: 0409 615 325
Contact: Bree Taylor Molyneaux
Website: www.pregnantpossibilities.com
email info@pregnantpossibilities.com


Personalised NLP and Hypnotherapy consultations, workshops and certification trainings in Melbourne. Empower yourself and be trained and certified to empower others. NLP Melbourne, Hypnotherapy Melbourne, NLP training Melbourne, Hypnotherapy training Melbourne, Hypnotherapist Melbourne.
Address: Level 27, 101 Collins Street Melbourne 3000 VIC
Phone: 03 9653 9288 Mobile: 0411 479 256 Fax: (03) 9653 9307
Contact: Dr. Vesna Grubacevic
Website: http://www.qttransformation.com
email info@qttransformation.com

Quit Cigarettes Today Queensland (HYPNOTHERAPY)(QUEENSLAND)(QLD) (Australia)

Smoking isn't all bad and people continue smoking because of the benefits they gain. Our specially tailored sessions combine Hypnosis and NLP, allowing you to easily become a nonsmoker while keeping the benefits you used to get from smoking. The service comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you'll quit in one session or receive follow up sessions free until you do. The facilitator is qualified in psychology and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Phone or email now for a free consultation.
Address: Phone Contact
Phone: 0428 877 270
Contact: John Rehburg
email quitcigarettestoday@hotmail.com

Sharron Mackison - Wellspring Clinic (HYPNOTHERAPY)(SYDNEY UPPER NORTH SHORE)(CHATSWOOD) (NSW) (Australia)

Self confidence, motivation, quit smoking, understand & treat problems habits, stress, panic. Qualified councellor & hypnotherapist. Member Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists
Address: Unit 201a, 3-9 Spring St Chatswood 2067 NSW
Phone: 02 9413 3529
Contact: Wendy Watson
email wellspringreiki@ozemail.com.au

South Australian Society of Hypnosis (HYPNOTHERAPY)(ADELAIDE)(NORTH ADELAIDE) (SA) (Australia)

SASH is made up of the most extensively trained and experienced practitioners of hypnosis in SA. Its members come from the three professional groups that are registered to practise hypnosis in South Australia, namely doctors of medicine, psychologists and dentists. These therapists apply the phenomena of hypnosis to achieving often spectacular results within their own professional fields, and using their specialised skills in this field are able to provide clients with this most powerful adjunct to treatment.
Address: PO Box 535 North Adelaide 5006 SA
Phone: 08 8418 3822
Website: http://www.sash.asn.au
email admin@sash.asn.au

Southcoast Hypnotherapy (HYPNOTHERAPY)(SOUTH COAST - NSW)(MOLLYMOOK) (NSW) (Australia)

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking, lose weight, stop phobias and bad habits, relieve stress and much more. Hypnotherapy is proving to be a fast safe and effective way to deal with symptoms that plague our modern lifestyle. Our beachside clinic is located in Mollymook NSW.
Address: 168 Mitchell Pde Mollymook NSW
Phone: 02 4454 0890
Contact: none
Website: www.scoast.net.au/hypnosis
email asanga@scoastnet.com.au

Suncoast Hypnosis Centre (HYPNOTHERAPY)(SUNSHINE COAST)(NAMBOUR) (QLD) (Australia)

Control your health & habits. Quit smoking, improve memory, lose weight, manage stress, depression & anxiety. Improve sports/academic performance. Glen Duffy is a registered nurse. Hypnotherapy is not mysterious/magic, but it certainly works
Address: 136 Mapleton Rd Nambour 4560 QLD
Phone: 07 5441 7561
Contact: Glen Duffy
email glenduffy@optusnet.com.au

Sunshine Clinical Hypnosis (HYPNOTHERAPY)(SUNSHINE COAST)(CALOUNDRA) (QLD) (Australia)

David J Taylor is a Registered Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist WITH OVER 14 YEARS EXPERIENCE in assisting people to achieve their highest aspirations and move toward optimum health , happiness and wellbeing. Hypnotherapy can help you to Stop smoking, manage stress, eliminate bad habits, lose weight, correct sleeping difficulties & more...
Address: Tashi Place, Little Mountain Caloundra 4551 QLD
Phone: 07 5491 7689 Mobile: 0402 351 490
Contact: David Taylor
Website: http://www.sunshineclinicalhypnosis.com.au
email david@sunshineclinicalhypnosis.com.au

Susanne Girault-Medical Hypnosis (HYPNOTHERAPY)(WOLLONGONG & ILLAWARRA)(WOLLONGONG) (NSW) (Australia)

Medical hypnosis, acupuncture, counselling, jin shin do acupressure massage. Treatment/prevention: anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, low self esteem & performance enhancement. After hour appointments & gift vouchers available
Address: 246 Crown St, located in the Lotus Health Centre Wollongong 2500 NSW
Phone: 02 4226 4740
Contact: Reception

Sydney Wellbeing Centre - Hills District (HYPNOTHERAPY)(HAWKESBURY)(GLENORIE) (NSW) (Australia)

Sydney Wellbeing Centre offers The following therapies:
Hypnotherapy - Clinical Hypnosis;
HypnoBirthing - Hypnosis for childbirth;
HypnoFertility - Hypnosis for fertility;
PSH Therapy - Private Subconsciou-mind Healing Therapy;
EFT Therapy - Emotional Freedom Technique; and
A range of Hypnosis, Childbirth and Meditation CDs.
Address: 2/930 Old Northern Road Glenorie 2157 NSW
Phone: 02 9652 1818
Contact: Katherine Ferris
Website: http://www.sydneywellbeing.com
email hills@sydneywellbeing.com

Sydney Wellbeing Centre - Inner West (HYPNOTHERAPY)(SYDNEY INNER WEST)(ANNANDALE) (NSW) (Australia)

Sydney Wellbeing Centre offers The following therapies:
Hypnotherapy - Clinical Hypnosis;
HypnoBirthing - Hypnosis for childbirth;
HypnoFertility - Hypnosis for fertility;
PSH Therapy - Private Subconsciou-mind Healing Therapy;
EFT Therapy - Emotional Freedom Technique; and
A range of Hypnosis, Childbirth and Meditation CDs.
Address: 129 Booth Street Annandale 2038 NSW
Phone: 02 9810 4027
Contact: Katherine Ferris
Website: http://www.sydneywellbeing.com
email annandale@sydneywellbeing.com


Troy Bakes offers local and international NLP services, hypnosis Brisbane - best hypnotherapist, international expert therapist, consultation, specialize in awake alert conversational hypnosis.
Address: 7, 45 Moray St New Farm 4005 QLD
Phone: 0405 990 790 Other Phone: 0405 990 790
Contact: Troy Bakes
Website: www.troybakes.com
email troy@troybakes.com


Give yourself the best chance. Life coaching, business coaching, personal coaching. Resolve those deep issues: phobias, fears, bad habits, etc. Improve quality of: sleep, relationships, performance, self confidence, etc.
Address: 110 Kidderminster Dr Wantirna 3152 VIC
Phone: 03 9887 2525 Mobile: 0419 386 056 Fax: 03 9887 3757
Contact: TSD
email tsd@bigpond.net.au


Walker Hypnosis is a Gold Coast based business specialising in hypnosis and psychotherapy / hypnotherapy services - helping people resolve personal issues quickly ranging from stopping smoking, weight loss, addictions, phobias, anxiety, depression and many more. Sean Walker is also the Director of Australian Hypnosis And Training Services AHATS.
Address: 5 Marjorie Cres Benowa 4217 QLD
Phone: 0407 500 827 Mobile: 0407500827
Contact: Sean Walker
Website: http://www.walkerhypnosis.com.au

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