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Epson, Australia
Epson products include digital cameras, dot matrix, inkjet and laser printers, film and flatbed scanners, and data/video projectors. Download software utilities and drivers for Epson products. Corporate overview on Epson operations in Australia and New Zealand, and contact information. Offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

Filco Photographics, Perthville, NSW, Australia
35 years manufacturing fine polished wood storage boxes for 35mm slides available in a range of sizes for storage of 480 to 1080 images. Filco also manufactures a high impact plastic box which holds up to 480 slides and has no hinges or catches to break or bend. Both feature interior compartments.

Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd, Coburg, Victoria, Australia
Other than the address of Kodak's Australian headquarters, there is no information here. Gateway link to the Kodak USA site.

Jorgensen Albums Pty Ltd., Malaga, Australia
Established in 1981, Jorgensen Albums creates unique wedding albums for professional photographers throughout Australia, SE Asia, as well as exporting to clients in the USA and the UK. Handmade from leather, wood, metal laminates and many other materials. Extensive online catalog.

Photochem Australia, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Photochem manufactures a wide range of specialized photographic chemical processes; most products are designed for black and white photography, including an assortment of toners, alternative processes and specialized developers. Stocks and sells over 300 types and grades of chemicals used throughout the photographic industry. Photochem is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vanbar Photographics, Melbourne.

Photolab Australia, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Photolab manufactures drying cabinets, archival print washers, PVC sinks and other PVC products. Also seePhotochemabove. A subsidiary company of Vanbar Photographics, Melbourne.

Pixel Photographics, Melbourne, Australia
Designs and creates digital imaging software, specifically for the photographic industry. Sold worldwide, nearly 800 installations to date. Solutions for school photography, event imaging and retail photographics, includingCompositePhoto,a suite of software applications designed by school photographers for school photographers.

Ricoh Australia, Burwood, Victoria, Australia
Ricoh makes digital and 35mm cameras, office copiers, fax machines and more, however this site only has detailed information about digital cameras. List of Australian dealers and links to Ricoh in Japan, the United States and Europe.

Timestone Software Corp., Melbourne, Australia
Developers of quality software for the digital photo laboratory.

Auto-Ray Pty. Ltd., Ivanhoe, Victoria, Australia
Founded in 1941, pioneers in the development of photo-finish cameras used at race tracks and athletic events, now manufacturing digital photo-finish equipment capable of capturing 3000 frames per second. Consultants in high speed digital electronic and film photography.

Canon Australia Pty. Ltd., North Ryde (Sydney), NSW, Australia
Information about many of Canon's products, including bubble jet printers, PowerShot digital cameras, MultiPass C30 (fax, printer, copier and scanner combined into one), scanners, notebook computers, and more. Go here for Canon'scameras, camcorders, and binoculars.Download software drivers; customer contact info. Canon sponsors many cultural, sporting and educational events throughout Australia.

C.R. Kennedy&Company Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Australia
Importer and distributor of a wide range of photo, medical, CCTV and optical surveying equipment. Brands include Pentax, Hasselblad, Jobo, Sigma lenses, Achiever flash units, Bowens studio flash equipment, Cambo, Sheppard and Polaris meters, Elmo audio-visual products, Scanview drum and flatbed scanners and digital camera backs, and Videonics video editing and post production equipment. Branches in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Maxwell Optical Industries, Pty., Ltd., Sydney, NSW, Australia
Founded in 1983, Australia-wide photographic and digital imaging products distributors. Cameras and lenses, underwater cameras, photo accessories, scopes and binoculars, studio and darkroom equipment, digital equipment and more. Australian distributors of Nikon, Nikonos, Mamiya, Sunpak, Velbon, Paterson, Lowepro, Tamron, Fotovix, Live Picture, True Vision and more. Home of Nikon Club Australia.

Minolta Camera Distributors (Haco Pty. Ltd.), Kingsgrove NSW Australia
Since 1946, Australian wholesalers to the retail and duty free photographic market. Exclusive Australian agents for Minolta cameras, lenses and accessories, Maxell tape products, Cosina lenses, Manfrotto tripods and accessories, Gepe slide mounts&universal trays, and Klame film and sorting systems. Product information. Names and addresses of local retailers stocking these brands.

Pixel Photographics, Melbourne, Australia
Official distributors for Sienna FotoPrint products in Australia, including Sienna Imaging's fiber optic digital photo printers.

Tasco Sales (Australia) Pty Ltd., Brookvale, NSW, Australia
Wholesale distributor of Yashica and Contax cameras, Yashica digital cameras, and Tasco binoculars, telescopes, rifle scopes, night vision equipment, and microscopes. Nice tutorials explain how to find the right product for your needs. List of Australian dealers.

AIST GmbH, Shepparton Vic., Australia
Developers of software solutions for home video, professional and broadcast video including production and digital video editing packages, image and video animation software, and digital video image libraries. The parent company (Animated Image Systems Technology GmbH) is based in Ampfing, Germany.

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Adeal, Cambridge Gardens, NSW, Australia
Site under development. Photo equipment distributors to the retail trade of Leica cameras, lenses, binoculars, and projectors, Varta batteries, Moonlight night vision scopes and binoculars, Durst photographic enlargers, analyzers, timers and accessories, SeaLife automatic dive cameras, and Schneider B+W filters.

Baltronics, Artarmon (Sydney), NSW, Australia
Founded more than 30 years ago, Baltronics are Australian distributors for Sinar, Bron, Foba and Fuji professional roll film cameras. Retailers of a wide line of professional photo equipment. Showrooms in greater Sydney and Melbourne.

Hanimex Australasia, Brookvale (Sydney), NSW, Australia
Founded in 1947, a significant distributor of imaging products, including a broad range of photographic, audio-visual, and CCTV equipment. Exclusive Australian and NZ distributors of Fujifilm cameras, film and printing materials, Hanimex branded cameras, binoculars, photo accessories, digital cameras and printing equipment, Fuji minilab supplies, projectors, audio and video tape and much more. Also in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Auckland NZ.

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