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Before I begin I want you to be aware that, some tips included in this course may not meet eBays terms of service. I have done my best to keep up with the changes but it's nearly impossible for me to be 100% sure that everything falls into the guidelines especially when people interpret certain things in different ways.

Remember, you should always read the terms of service with any website before trying something new, especially on a site like ebay.

Dear Friend, people just like you are making a lot of money on ebay. Of course only about 5% of those sellers are making ebay their main source of income. Why? Mainly because they don't know where to get their products from.In part one I'll show you some basics that you need to follow when listing an item to have a successful auction.Using the following techniques to list your auction will increase your sales ratio.

Choosing a Category?

eBay has over 3,500,000 items for sale in over 3,000 categories now and receives over billions pages views a month!It won't take you very long to get confused and have no idea where to list your item. RELAX!First, start browsing the categories that your item relates to. Go into one of the sub-categories, find something similar to what you have to sell, find it with a few bids, view the auction, click on view seller's other auctions. This will list the sellers auctions and if they are selling multiple items of the same thing in many different categories then you can determine which category is the
best for your auction based on how many bids the item has received.You may have to do this in a few different categories to find out which category is the best to list in. Remember, just because someone is selling the same thing you have to sell in the same category doesn't mean you can't sell yours. As long as your price is competitive
more people will see your offer because they will compare yours to the others, and if you have a good offer then you are golden!

Triple your Auction Views

The most important part of the ad is the Auction Title. If the auction title does not grab the buyer's attention while they are skimming the page your ad will never be read and that is one less potential buyer.ALWAYS use Caps in your title. The use of asterisks or other strange characters work well at the beginning of the title because it will draw the buyer's eyes to your title.Be Specific. Your title should include what you are actually selling. Say you are selling an "elvis record" your title should be
something like "ONE-OF-A-KIND, SPECTACULAR ELVIS LP". It is very important that you include "ELVIS" in the title because 50% of the people will be searching for what they want which means if they want something to do with elvis
and you didn't include it in your title, you lose out! So called power words should be used in your title. Power words are descriptive nouns. Words like RARE, LIMITED, UNIQUE, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, SHOCKING will also help.The title should make the item sound special and intrigue people to look, if it does, your views will triple, if it doesn't your auction will fail.* Secret! Note is that if you use underscores between words you can write a longer title.

Item Descriptions That Sell!

Again, there are a few basic techniques that you should use that will increase the chance of a buyer bidding on your item.Again, be specific. Explain what the item is, what it does, how it will help or amaze the potential buyer, answer as many questions as you can think they would ask in your description!Use pictures, ALWAYS. Always use a picture, no matter what you are auctioning you need a picture. If you are selling software, put a picture of the box on the auction page, if you are selling lighters, put a picture on the auction page.Pictures can increase response rates over 300%. You need pictures of your items!Be sure to include "view my other auctions" in EVERY description, f-r-e-e advertising for your items is not a bad thing!Always list the methods of payments you accept. Make it as easy as possible for people to buy it once the auction ends. If you have an html editor you should use it to create your descriptions. It makes it 10 times easier and your descriptions will look 10 times more professional!

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we covered how to choose a category for your item, how to increase your auction views with an interesting headline, and how to increase the potency of your ad description!So, use these techniques, follow them and I'm certain you will start seeing results.

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