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A Clairvoyants Clairvoyant (CLAIRVOYANTS)(SYDNEY METROPOLITAN)(NSW) (Australia)

Readings in the light only and member of the Australian Psychics Assoc, for accurate and honest readings by cr/crd visa or mastercard please phone 08 9207 1463 or 0438 349 832 $2.45/min. Or ph a/c 1902 291 071 $4.35/min,mobxanactivecall
Address: Phone Contact
Phone: 08 9207 1463 Other Phone: 1902 291 071 Mobile: 0438 349 832
Contact: Dee
email lovelightandpeace2003@yahoo.com

A Medium Psychic Healer (CLAIRVOYANTS)(SYDNEY CBD)(CANTERBURY) (NSW) (Australia)

I am a Natural Authentic Psychic Clairvoyant giving insight into all life issue. It is time to step into our light multi-dimensional selves. Leila has practiced healings and attunements face to face, and offer distant healings and attunements also via the telephone. I have assisted people locally, interstate and overseas to heal spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and provide both spiritual and psychic guidance to help people on their spiritual path and deepen their spiritual understanding. Mobile or Text 0413 664 719 or Email: leila@mediumpsychichealer.com Visit: http://www.mediumpsychichealer.com
Address: 34 canterbury rd canterbury 2193 NSW
Phone: 0413 664 719 Mobile: 0413 664 719
Contact: Leila
Website: www.mediumpsychichealer.com
email leila@mediumpsychichealer.com

A1 Psychic readings with Naveda (CLAIRVOYANTS)(SYDNEY METROPOLITAN)(NSW) (Australia)

$4.25 per min THAT'S THE SPIRIT...connect with a beloved spirit today
with your phone and credit card,NO SURPRISE 1900 BILLS!
Accurate readings and channelling. True and gifted PSYCHIC...
DIRECT CALL TO NAVEDA 0449163369 or (03)97838988
Address: Phone Contact
Phone: 03 97838988 Mobile: 0449163369
Contact: Naveda
email naveda1@optusnet.com.au

Aariel Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium (CLAIRVOYANTS)(WESTERN AUSTRALIA)(WA) (Australia)

Aeriel is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, psychic and medium. Tarot can be used if you prefer it. Member of the Australian Psychics Association. Readings by telephone, credit card payment or telephone account billing. Genuine, accurate and confidential.
Group functions and corporate functions also arranged subject to availability.
Address: West Australia
Phone: 08 9349 8923 Other Phone: 08 9349 8923 cr/crds only please Mobile: 0438 349 832
Contact: Aeriel
Website: www.geocities.com/clairvoyantclair/
email synapheia21cc@yahoo.com

Affordable Natural Therapies (CLAIRVOYANTS)(MELBOURNE NORTH WEST)(HIGHETT) (VIC) (Australia)

Steve Nespor has over 25 years experience in Pychic Readings, Shamanic Practice, Freeing People from Limitations, man made and others.95% of the stuff you deal with is not yours....get rid of it with Steve's help.House clearing, spell removal, readings for whats happening now and for the future. Steve is a natural Channel, as well as a taecher. many Courses available. Make appointment now!
Address: 352 Highett Road Highett 3190 VIC
Phone: 03 9555 4624 Other Phone: 04 12345 130 Mobile: 04 12345 130 Fax: 03 8555 3753
Contact: Steve Nespor
email healingdomain@hotmail.com

Australian Psychic Expos (CLAIRVOYANTS)(GOLD COAST & HINTERLAND)(CHIRN PARK) (QLD) (Australia)

Now in its 15th Year, the Australian Psychic Expo stages 30 events annually, from Tweed Heads in the south, up through the Sunshine Coast, Mid-North Coast and all the way up to Darwin. Lots of exhibits, Australia's top psychics. Readings, aura photos & expo stalls.. For more information, please call
Address: Po Box 53 Chirn Park 4215 QLD
Phone: 07 5594 3432 Mobile: 0408 788516
Contact: John Gold
Website: www.expo.net.au
email kongold@bigpond.com.au

BELINDA (CLAIRVOYANTS)(Perth City)(PERTH) (WA) (Australia)

Address: Perth
Phone: 040 353 4526
Contact: BELINDA
email bearlight65_11@yahoo.com.au


Site offering free absent healing,greeting cards. guided meditation cds' and absent readings available.
Address: Phone Contact
Phone: 08 9402 4893 Mobile: 0412369026
Contact: Glenys
Website: www.bukesspirit.com
email bukesspirit@hotmail.com


ROMAYNE a gifted clairvoyant, psychic, medium. Practicing in these fields for the last 40 years.Private reading, guidance, and small groups.
Tele (03)59753995 or 0403 158 644 e mail catsumo2@aol.com
Address: 3, Richardson Drive Mornington 3931 VIC
Phone: 03 5975 3995 Mobile: 0402 158 644
Contact: Romayne
email catsumo2@aol.com

Clairvoyant Clair (CLAIRVOYANTS)(WESTERN AUSTRALIA)(WA) (Australia)

Clair has been reading for over 20 years Australia wide and is both accurate and confidential. She hears messages from spiritual guides, sees messages and feels messages. Credit card readings 1800 619 855 $2.45/minute or ph a/c 1902291003 $5.45/min.mobsxtra Calltech
Address: Phone Contact
Phone: 1800 619 855 Other Phone: 1902 291 003
Contact: Clair
email huntinghill@iinet.net.au


I work with clairvoyancy, psychometry, mediumship and Tarot both in Australia and Overseas. I am available for phone readings. Payment by credit card is required.
Address: Phone Contact
Phone: 0448 509 500
Contact: Margaret
email maggieaustralia@hotmail.com

Clairvoyant Medium and author (CLAIRVOYANTS)(ADELAID SOUTHERN SUBURBS)(GOODWOOD) (SA) (Australia)

Newly arrived international British clairvoyant medium and author and healer. John campbell the hairy healer is available for online readings. Clairvoyant readings, medium redings and tarot readings. Private healing sessions and private consultation.
Address: 16 Elizabeth Street Goodwood 5034 SA
Phone: 0451 829 214 Mobile: 0451 829214
Contact: John Campbell
Website: www.johnjcampbell.com
email johnjcampbell1@yahoo.co.uk


Clairvoyant with 24 years experience. Available for channeling or tarot. All readings taped. More info on our website or please call. Wide variety of seminars in the 'New Age' field taught regularly through the year. Call or email for course info
Address: Phone Contact Loganholme 4129 QLD
Phone: 07 3801 4353
Contact: Debra Winter
Website: www.mysticalight.com
email debbie@mysticalight.com


Tarot clairvoyant readings. Many years practical experience with accurate results. Recorded astrological charts & analysis
Address: Shop 17 Dunn Bay Shopping Centre, Dunn Bay Rd Dunsborough 6281 WA
Phone: 08 9755 0053 Other Phone: 0400260916
Contact: Desiree Fielder
email desireeaquarian@yahoo.com.au

Feng Shui Creating Success (CLAIRVOYANTS)(MELBOURNE WEST)(TARNEIT) (VIC) (Australia)

Bring balance & harmony to your life, workplace & business. Available for corporate & private consultations, tarot, clairvoyancy & New Age products. Group gatherings for interstate also available
Address: Phone Contact Tarneit 3029 VIC
Phone: 04 0891 9080
Contact: Michelle Gould
email fscs@yahoo.com


Media clairvoyant & professional psychic. Captivating speaker of the modern times!! Will amaze your audience with accurate psychic demonstrations. Also offering private & confidential services
Address: 1 Tennyson Place Wyong 2259 NSW
Phone: 02 4352 1753 Other Phone: 0418291564
Contact: Flavia Winterton


Hands of Serenity provides services aimed at fostering your wellbeing. Services can be tailored for groups or special occasions. We are available for a range of consultancy services and provide advice and referrals. Healing, wellbeing and consultancy services. Head massage, Tarot readings, Facials.
Address: 39 Lamour Avenue South Morang 3752 VIC
Phone: 03 9437 8939 Mobile: 0404 491 016
Contact: Joanne Borg
email hands_serenity@yahoo.com.au


Psychic Medium Australia - Jade-sky. Well known Australian Psychic/Medium who provides accurate messages from deceased loved ones & spirit guides,readings on past lives, future, business,health and family. Phone readings in Australia and In Person readings in Brisbane $120 for 45 minutes which includes phone call and recording of reading sent to you on cd. Workshops taught in Brisbane.
Address: Shop 3, Chapel Street Nundah Village 4012 QLD
Phone: 0402 306 856 Mobile: 0402 306 856
Website: www.jade-sky.com.au
email jade-sky@optusnet.com.au


With 15 years experience, John Campbell has worked in the UK, Portugal and Australia. He is a author and appeared on TV, Radio, and has extensive newspaper and magazine editorials relating to his work. John can give you a private consultation, Party Bookings or connect to him via his website for a internet phone reading.
Address: 14 Harris Street Paradise 5075 SA
Phone: 08 8337 3451
Contact: John Campbell
Website: www.johnjcampbell.com
email johnjcampbell1@yahoo.co.uk


I offer a Clairvoyant service in Toowoomba. Please read my website for more details..
Address: Phone Contact Mt Lofty 4350 QLD
Phone: 0413 918 820 Mobile: 0413 918 820
Contact: Joseph Smith
Website: http://josephclairvoyant.blogspot.com
email joseph.toowoomba@rocketmail.com

Josiane Byrant Est. In Australia Since 1983 (CLAIRVOYANTS)(SYDNEY)(ALL SUBURB) (NSW) (Australia)

Discover your lifes purpose & direction with astrology, numberology, tarot, angel intuitive, energy therapy, core engergetics, therapist in training. Focus on relationships, career, health, creativity & well being. Think outside the square
Address: Phone Contact All Suburb NSW
Phone: 02 9666 9052 Other Phone: 0400125930
Contact: Josiane Bryant
Website: www.souldirections.com.au
email josiane@souldirections.com.au


Tarot readings, meditative art & meditation workshop. Crystal workshops, crystal healings, psychometry, drumming & smudging & house clearing & spirit drawings
Address: Phone Contact All Suburb WA
Phone: 08 9359 0474 Other Phone: 0413921994
Contact: Kathie Riddle

Lorraine Hodges (CLAIRVOYANTS)(VICTORIA)(ALL SUBURB) (VIC) (Australia)

Tarot & clairvoyant readings. Insight into love, career & health. For more information or bookings, please call
Address: Phone Contact All Suburb VIC
Phone: 04 1857 9286
Contact: Lorraine

Mantra of The Healing Heart (CLAIRVOYANTS)(MELBOURNE METROPOLITAN)(VIC) (Australia)

"At The Healing Heart we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of intuitive, insightful and accurate readings with sensitivity and in the strictest confidence. All the readings are read with compassion, understanding, honesty and integrity. We offer guidance and practical positive solutions to assist you in experiencing a more enriching life and a greater awareness of self".
Address: Phone Contact
Phone: 03 9802 7533 Mobile: 0430 456 776 Fax: 03 9802 7533
Contact: Lisa Andreou
Website: www.thehealingheart.com.au
email lisa@thehealingheart.com.au


Our phone and online psychics specializes in mediumship, clairvoyance, tarot, numerology and palmistry readings. We also offer face to face readings within shopping centres.
Address: 1 Railway Parade Kogarah 2217 NSW
Phone: 0433 350 806 Mobile: 0433 350 806
Contact: Maria De La Cruz
Website: http://www.australiapsychicreadings.com


Clairvoyant with 24 years experience. Available for channeling or tarot. All readings taped. More info on our website or please call. Wide variety of seminars in the 'New Age' field taught regularly through the year. Call or email for course info
Address: 6 Sopwith St Loganholme 4129 QLD
Phone: 07 3801 4353 Fax: 0733880326
Contact: Michael Winter
Website: www.mysticalight.com
email michael@mysticalight.com

Psychic Directions (CLAIRVOYANTS)(MELBOURNE CITY)(VIC) (Australia)

Psychic Readings 99.9% ACCURATE. Are you searching for answers? Our gifted psychics will help you. Love Career Money. Discover your destiny and have all of your answers revealed.
Address: Phone Contact
Phone: 1902 215 130
Contact: Hope
Website: www.psychicdirections.com
email admin@psychicdirections.com


Helen is a gifted psychic and medium. During a reading with Helen, she will connect with her Spirit Guides to answer questions you may have about your current situation and how it may pan out, as well as connect to those who have passed away. Helen reads in a relaxed, open environment from her base in Coorparoo. Individual psychic medium readings with Helen are $80 for an hour. Readings can also be conducted via phone or webcam.
Address: Coorparoo 4151 QLD
Phone: 0412 666 257 Mobile: 0412 666 257
Contact: Helen Thomas
Website: www.helensreadings.com
email bookings@helensreadings.com

Psychic Medium Leanne Griffiths (CLAIRVOYANTS)(SUTHERLAND)(BUNDEENA) (NSW) (Australia)

Over the years, I have learned to use all of my Psychic gifts. I am Clairvoyant (clear vision), Clairsentient (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing) and Claircognizant (clear knowing).I am able to receive messages and information from Spirit Guides and people that have passed over. Honest and Accurate Psychic ReadingDuring your Psychic Reading, I will answer any questions that you have and pass on any messages from loved ones on the other side. I am very frank in my readings and will tell you exactly what I see.
Address: 72 Brighton Street Bundeena 2230 NSW
Phone: 04 0225 4846 Mobile: 0402254846
Contact: Leanne Griffiths
Website: www.leannegriffiths.net
email info@leannegriffiths.net

Psychic Pet Therapist (CLAIRVOYANTS)(MELBOURNE WEST)(ALTONA) (VIC) (Australia)

Pet therapy counselling, direct telepathic communication & Reiki healing for animals
Address: 6 Fresno St Altona 3018 VIC
Phone: 03 9398 1841
Contact: Johanna


Ask a question and receive an answer directly to your inbox, from AU$15. Simply click on the link to securely purchase a reading today. Nationally known Psy & Medium.
Address: 109 Edward Street Brisbane 4000 QLD
Phone: 61 7 3236 3311
Contact: Sheena
Website: http://www.holisticpage.com.au/readings_sheena.php

Ricci-Jane's Divine Sisterhood (CLAIRVOYANTS)(MELBOURNE CITY)(VIC) (Australia)

Ricci-Jane's Divine Sisterhood offers psychic readings, holistic counseling and workshops to awaken your psychic power. Readings are available in person or via phone or email.
Address: Phone Contact
Phone: 0405 449 402 Mobile: 0405 449 402
Contact: Ricci-Jane Adams
Website: www.divinesisterhood.net
email ricci-jane@divinesisterhood.net


Hi there. My name is Shontara, that means 'The Rose of Love'. I assist people in discovering their true intuitive and spiritual potential, that will ensure a prosperous future for you and your loved ones. A variety of psychic readings are offered that will inspire you, such as - aura, past life, your spiritual journey, art therapy, dream interpretation, psychometry and handwriting - photo - character analysis readings. And if you should need your pain to be removed, simply by singing and absorbing Angelic sounds, please phone. I also conduct weekly psychic intuition and meditation classes. For the big picture, please visit my Services page. Thank you so much.
Address: 6 Lemon Grove Street Eagleby 4207 QLD
Phone: 07 3287 4238
Website: http://www.shontara.org

Simply Psychic with Helen (CLAIRVOYANTS)(WESTERN AUSTRALIA)(WA) (Australia)

Welcome. I am a very clear and accurate reader with 30 years experience. I give messages of hope and will guide you in all areas of your life be it love, money, work, relationships, travel. I work by listening to my guides and relaying the information to you. I love to help people to find their feet back on their path and I would love to help you too.
Address: Phone Contact
Phone: 08 9534 8903 Mobile: 0419 404 388
Contact: Helen
Website: www.simply-psychic-with-helen.com
email kimova483@bigpond.com


Reputable clairvoyant & tarot readers who bring confirmation/comfort & upliftment from spirit. Naturopathy/energy balance massage/flower essence therapy/weight loss advice/ meditation classes/mediumship/Reiki. Mon -Sat 10-5pm or by appointment
Address: 2 The Link Keilor Park 3042 VIC
Phone: 03 9336 3963
Contact: Joanne Neal


I work with clients face to face on a soul level and I have been in the field of spiritual guidance for many years. I can help people to empower themselves for the purposes of personal development or in overcoming life's hurdles and problems. To achieve these goals, I am assisted by clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience, with soul mates and relationships being my specialty.
Address: 6 Schablon Close Ormeau Hills 4208 QLD
Phone: 04 3198 2583 Mobile: 0431982583
Contact: Cindy Munday
Website: www.soulsurvivorsqueensland.weebly.com

Southern Crossings Magazine (CLAIRVOYANTS)(SYDNEY)(NSW) (Australia)

Magazine that focuses on Spirituality, Creativity, Lifestyle. Channeller, Clairvoyant,Visionary Janet Butler professional psychic and healer Australia wide and International.
Address: Phone Contact
Phone: 02 9214 8177 Mobile: 0405 176 224
Website: www.healingtemple.biz
email southerncrossingsmag@bigpond.com


Psychic tarot, kinesiology, reiki etc. Over the years we have managed to develop a more individual & unique style of healing. For more information or bookings please call
Address: 594a Reserve Rd Upper Coomera 4209 QLD
Phone: 07 5529 9157 Other Phone: 0427299157 Fax: 0755299157
Contact: Rita or Keith


Hello and Welcome, my name is Jeanette, My abilities include clairvoyancy, mediumship, Crystal Therapist, tarot card reading, numerology, Chinese astrology, and palmistry. I communicate with those who have crossed over into the spiritual realm. My gifts allow me to feel, see, sense and hear Spirit Guides and Angels. As a Clairvoyant and Psychic Medium, I am here to answer your questions and to give you advice on how best to prepare a better future for yourself and your loved ones. I am genuine and my passion is helping people. I answer questions concerning issues to personal and business relationships, career problems, finances, real estate, etc.... I also read photos. So if you have any questions you can call me on 0412717137 about private readings or I travel to your place for clairvoyant parties. I am available daytime and evening, weekends by appointment. All Private readings recorded to CD at no extra charge. Complete readings last are min of 1 hour to hour and half, or a short reading goes for 1/2 hour
Address: Po Box 858 Aspley 4034 QLD
Phone: 0412 717 137 Other Phone: 0412 717 137 Mobile: 0412 717 137
Contact: Jeanette May
Website: http://www.the-cosmic-clairvoyant.com.au
email nettymay62@yahoo.com.au

The Healing Heart (CLAIRVOYANTS)(MELBOURNE CITY)(VIC) (Australia)

"At The Healing Heart we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of intuitive, insightful and relevant readings with sensitivity and in the strictest confidence. We strive to facilitate the creation of focus, clarity and direction. We provide a welcoming environment that creates an atmosphere that is at once calm and nurturing. We strive to create the ambience of trust so necessary for an accurate reading. All the readings are read with compassion, understanding, honesty and integrity. We offer guidance and practical positive solutions to assist you in experiencing a more enriching life and a greater awareness of self".
Address: Phone Contact
Phone: 0430 456 776 Mobile: 0430 456 776
Contact: Lisa Andreou
email zenbeauty@optusnet.com.au


Tarot card & numerology readings, numerology charts & personalised 12 month calendars available. Ideal to help in times when direction is needed, either personal or professional
Address: 118 North St Toowoomba 4350 QLD
Phone: 07 4638 2270
Contact: Zen Williams


Totally Psych'd, Leaders in Psychic Services™ was established in 2005 to provide high quality and reputable services in the spiritual and psychic areana. Based on the North Shore of Sydney, NSW Australia, it provides services to locals, interstate and international clientele.
Address: Po Box 410 2360 NSW
Phone: 0439 629 800
Contact: Darryl
Website: http://www.totallypsychd.com
email enquiries@totallypsychd.com


Discover the keys to unlock your potential. Individual or group readings. Fun & enlightening
Address: Phone Contact All Suburb WA
Phone: 04 1717 9828
Contact: Anahata Ishaya

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