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Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Remedial Massage for treatment of back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, fertility and pregnancy care. Qualified and experienced practitioner, health fund rebates
Address: Zen Clinic, P6/7 Greenwood Plaza, 36 Blue St North Sydney 2060 NSW
Phone: 02 9956 8694
Contact: Monica
Website: www.acumonhealth.com.au
email monica@acumonhealth.com

Aikins Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine (ACUPUNCTURE)(SYDNEY CENTRAL COAST)(NSW) (Australia)

Degree qualified acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine practitioner with many years of experience. Treatment for arthritis, headache, gynaecological problems, gastro-intestinal problems etc.
Address: Absolute Medical Services, Shop 21, Lisarow Plaza, 1 Parson Pd 2250 NSW
Phone: 02 4328 5200 Mobile: 0403 750 699
Contact: Kiku Aikins
email pjaikins@gmail.com


Ashley provides acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. I am Degree qualified and can cater for all areas of healthcare, particularly muscular conditions
Address: Phone Contact All Suburb NSW
Phone: 04 1574 2414
Contact: Ashley
email crowash@tpg.com.au


Acupuncture, massage, Chinese herbs, foot reflexology, treating /
Address: 54 Brighton Street Croydon 2132 NSW
Phone: 02 9715 7500
Contact: Doris Litzni
Website: http://www.bodyandsoulhealthcentre.com.au


Acupuncture with Chinese herbs. Treating stress-related problems, pain/injuries, internal disorders, insomnia, headache. Back/neck expert. Relaxation specialist. Also foot reflexology to help reduce stress & balance the system
Address: 30 Manning Rd Double Bay 2028 NSW
Phone: 02 9363 3678 Other Phone: 0403071459 Fax: 0293633678
Contact: Emmanuel Boumard


Experienced, well trained staff. Excel in treating backs, necks, migraines, sports injuries and sporting teams. Massage, modern equipment, expert advice
Address: Suite 2/394 Marrickville Rd Marrickville 2204 NSW
Phone: 02 9560 1501 Fax: 0295692718
Contact: Charles or Dean


Experienced, well trained staff. Excel in treating backs, necks, migraines, sports injuries and sporting teams. Massage, modern equipment, expert advice
Address: 305 Bay St Brighton Le Sands 2216 NSW
Phone: 02 9597 7774 Other Phone: 0295977030
Contact: Charles or Jerry


Experienced, well trained staff. Excel in treating backs, necks, migraines, sports injuries and sporting teams. Massage, modern equipment, expert advice
Address: 372 Burwood Rd Belmore 2192 NSW
Phone: 02 9750 9428
Contact: Charles Tzannes


Qual. Physiotherapist Naturopath Laser Acupuncturist/Over 20 yrs exp. Also available Nutritional Chemistry*Myorthotics*manipulative thereapy*musicle energy technique* Opthalmotropic phen.(OP)*Comp. Electro-Meridian Imaging (EMI)*Applied Kinesiology
Address: 208 Cressy St Deniliquin 2710 NSW
Phone: 03 5881 3495 Fax: 0358813495
Contact: David Lindeman

David White Classical Acupuncture Sydney (ACUPUNCTURE)(SYDNEY CITY)(SYDNEY) (NSW) (Australia)

David White is a classical acupuncture and Chinese medicine physician in Sydney, Australia. He practices in two locations: the Sydney CBD and St. Leonards. David has undertaking specialised training in classical and neuro-anatomical acupuncture in Australia and China.
Address: Ground Floor 123 Clarence Street Sydney 2000 NSW
Phone: 02 9299 6688 Other Phone: 0412 131 590 Mobile: 0412 131 590
Contact: David White
Website: http://www.classicalacupuncture.com.au
email info@classicalacupuncture.com.au

edgecliff acupuncture (ACUPUNCTURE)(SYDNEY EASTERN SUBURBS)(EDGECLIFF) (NSW) (Australia)

Edgecliff Acupuncture Sydney provides Chinese Medicine services to the Eastern Suburbs and CBD of Sydney. We specialise in muscle pain / injury and women's health.
Address: 2.07/203-233 New South Head Road Edgecliff 2027 NSW
Phone: 04 1248 1216 Other Phone: 0412 481216
Contact: Noam Field
Website: www.edgecliffacupuncture.com.au
email atoz@edgecliffacupuncture.com.au


Neal Sanders, a fully qualified and experienced instructor, provides a range of services at the Free Movement Energy Centre, including the traditional Chinese medicines of acupuncture, massage and suction-cupping as well as Tai Chi and Qi Gong instruction.
Address: 82a Clovelly Road North Randwick 2031 NSW
Phone: 02 9399 7548 Mobile: 0404 258 672
Contact: Neal Sanders
Website: http://www.nealsanders.com.au/
email info@nealsanders.com.au

Gabriella Jaro -Acupuncturist (ACUPUNCTURE)(SYDNEY UPPER NORTH SHORE)(CHATSWOOD) (NSW) (Australia)

Acupuncture is based on improving energy flow through the body that leads to disrupting the balance of the body. The benefits of acupuncture can range from relaxation, a sense of wellbeing to freedom from pain and an increase in mobility. Acupuncture is used to assist in disease prevention, maintain normal health, promote longevity and vitality, regulate the immune system and reduce the signs of aging. Call us to arrange an appointment.
Address: Suite 203, 443 Victoria Avenue Chatswood 2067 NSW
Phone: 02 9413 4674 Other Phone: 02 9419 8302
Contact: Gabriella Jaro
Website: www.osteocentre.com.au
email info@osteocentre.com.au


Ryde Midway Family Medical Centre. Registered Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner & Acupuncturist. Specialised in cupping, acupuncture, blood cleansing, Hejama. Holistic approach helps to heal yourself through balancing energy and align body.
Address: Level 1 Suite 7/117 North Road Ryde 2112 NSW
Phone: 0423 626 183
Contact: Michael Wang
Website: http://www.goodchinesemedicine.com
email michael_wang09@hotmail.com


Oriental Health Science Practitioner Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncturist Jaime runs a highly successful general practice at Art of Health in Annandale, with clients ranging from 6 to 68 years of age. She is able to successfully treat a wide variety of disorders of both an acute and chronic nature ranging from: Behavioural disorders in children Morning sickness Arthritis Migraine Depression Minimising the side effects of chemotherapy Chronic fatigue Colds and flu Stress And everything in between! As a practitioner and teacher of the Oriental Healing Arts, Jaime has developed a unique approach to this traditional medicine, allowing translation of the secrets into our modern world. A session includes treatment on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level as all disorders are said to affect the whole person. Naturally health must be restored to the whole person. This is achieved using: Acupuncture Chinese patent herbal medicine Oriental counseling Oriental nutritional medicine Strategies are designed on a practical level to assist you in moving forward and maintaining your health and wellbeing. Other areas of specialisation include Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Jaime was trained in the USA in this field and is the only practitioner qualified to teach this technique in Australia. The program is an amazing natural alternative to Botox, surgical facelifts and collagen and refreshes and revitalises the face for a natural result. This program utilises: Acupuncture Chinese herbal medicine Flower essences Naturopathic remedies Nutritional advice Self massage techniques Feng Shui or Environmental Diagnosis Home or business consultations are available to assess and harmonises the energy of the space within which we live and work. A written report is provided and the sourcing and implementation of any suggestions is also available for the busy person. QUALIFICATION DETAILS Advanced Diploma Oriental Health Science Certificate in Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Member O.H.P.A.A Course Co-Ordinator & Lecturer, Oriental Health Science Faculty, Nature Care College Sydney Manager, Art of Health Currently completing Bachelor Health Science (Complementary Medicine)
Address: 113B Booth St 2038 NSW
Phone: 04 1435 7799 Other Phone: 1800089770
Contact: Jaime Wilcox
Website: http://www.artofhealth.com.au/jaime.html
email jaime@artofhealth.com.au

Kingscliff Holistic Health Clinic (ACUPUNCTURE)(NORTHERN RIVERS)(KINGSCLIFF) (NSW) (Australia)

Acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine, including massage, can be used to balance physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances.
Address: 3/88 Marine Pde Kingscliff 2487 NSW
Phone: 02 6674 4866 Mobile: 0413 672 160 Fax: (02) 6674 2972
Contact: Tanya Kane
email khhc@aapt.net.au

Macquarie St clinic of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine (ACUPUNCTURE)(SYDNEY CITY)(SYDNEY) (NSW) (Australia)

Mordern and professional Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine clinic in the heart of Sydney city CBD. We provide an extensive range of services such as traditional and lazer acupuncture,Auricular therapy(Ear Seeds),Diet Therapy, Therapeutic Massage & Chinese style massage, patented or powdered herbal preparations, plus we can offer private KungFu or BaGua classes .Conditions which can benefit include acute and chronic muscle or joint pain, stress management, gastrointestinal complaints, sports injuries, sleep disorders, male and female infertility and sexual dysfunction. Both practitioners are proud to be AACMA (Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association) Members.
Address: level 5 229 Macquarie St Sydney 2000 NSW
Phone: 02 9221 0699 Mobile: 0422770991 Fax: (02) 922 10135
Contact: Rodd Sanchez
Website: www.sydneytcm.com
email rodd@sydneytcm.com

Meridian Healing Centre (ACUPUNCTURE)(SYDNEY CITY)(SYDNEY) (NSW) (Australia)

Located in the heart of Sydney's CBD, Meridian Healing Centre offers servives in the ancient healing arts of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Its chic, modern Asian decor creates an ambeince of comfort and relaxation.
Address: Suite 6 Level 10, 428 George Street Sydney 2000 NSW
Phone: 02 9231 3377
Contact: Kirk Wilson
Website: www.meridianhealing.com.au
email kirkjwilson@yahoo.com

Rodd Sanchez Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine (ACUPUNCTURE)(SYDNEY CITY)(SYDNEY) (NSW) (Australia)

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner Sydney acupuncturist Rodd Sanchez is located in Sydney city cbd and Sutherland shire(Sylvania); Dealing with general acupuncture and chinese herbal practice:
Address: Suite 7, Level 3, 229 Macquarie Street Sydney 2000 NSW
Phone: 02 8213 2888
Contact: Rodd Sanchez
Website: www.roddsanchez.com.au
email info@roddsanchez.com.au


''Look & feel younger''. Re-energise, re-vitalise & de-stress your life. Offering acupuncture, naturopathy, massage, fitness & martial arts. Home visits available
Address: 66 Ramsey St Haberfield 2045 NSW
Phone: 02 9797 0422 Other Phone: 0411452775
Contact: George or Peter

Synergy Healthcare (ACUPUNCTURE)(SUTHERLAND)(SYLVANIA) (NSW) (Australia)

The Synergy Healthcare philosophy is to utilise a combination of best practices from chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy and acupuncture to deliver a treatment that provides optimal healthcare. Chiropractic, Massage and acupuncture are covered by workers compensation and third party insurance, as well as most private health funds. On the spot HICAPS refunds. Synergy Healthcare has the experience and the expertise to help you with a specific injury, performance enhancement, or simply maintaining a good healthy body. Give us a call to see how we can enhance your life. Synergy Healthcare provides total healthcare solutions in Sylvania, Sutherland Shire. Synergy Healthcare at Sylvania utilises the modalities of chiropractic, massage and acupuncture to deliver a complete treatment.
Address: 235 Princes Highway Sylvania 2224 NSW
Phone: 02 9522 2125
Contact: Synergy Health
Website: www.synergyhealth.com.au
email clinic@synergyhealth.com.au

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