So that you do not get any injuries to your body, mainly to muscle, joints, and cartilage, it is important to carry out warming up and stretching exercises before you start on any sport fitness training workout. The reverse also holds. When you have finished your workout you have to repeat the stretching exercises as the muscles are now warm and more flexible.

30 seconds is a good duration for a particular stretch sequence however if you have time, 60 seconds will result in a considerable increase in the flexibility of the muscles and limbs. Stretch slowly and return to original position slowly. No jerking should occur as this could cause damage. Ideally the stretch should last a few seconds then a slow return because it is easy to damage joints or even pull muscles when this is not done correctly.

Have a set routine and Increase slowly instead of going to the hardest exercise first.  Once you have finished you should have stretched and warmed up all the muscle groups.

Remember to include your neck in the warm up. It is easy - just using pressure from the palm against the forehead, then the side of the head and then he back. After a period of carrying out stretching before sport fitness training you notice and feel  just how flexible your body now is and you will be able to train better.

Do not try to compete or do "difficult" things with other people. This is a sure way to injure yourself as you don't know the fitness of the other person.

Fitness training everyday can be punishing and even detrimental for the muscles as it does not allow them to heal if there is an injury, so it is better to exercise every other day. Ideal gym exercises are those that exercise the heart, lungs and stamina.

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