'Physiatry' is a coined up term.  Physiatry, is a branch of medicine with the purpose  to enhance and restore functional ability and give a lifestyle to those suffering from physical impairments or disabilities. A doctor who works in this field is called a physiatrist.

Physiatrists role is in restoring  optimal capacity to people who have injured muscles, bones, tissues, and nervous system (like stroke patients).

Rehabilitation involves the management of disorders that change the function and performance of the patient. Stress is placed on the optimization of function through the use of medications, physical modalities, physical training with therapeutic exercise, movement and activities modification, equipment and aids, orthotics (braces), prosthesis, and experiential training methods.

The biggest worry is the ability of the person to function optimally within  limits put on them by a disease for which there is no present cure. The stress is not on full restoration to the premorbid level of function, but rather the quality of life for those who are unable to achieve full restoration.

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