Natural therapies like herbal medicine are alternatives to western medicine. They incorporate usage of natural plants and essences to heal any problems or ills within the body by targeting the source or cause of the problem and not to merely treating the symptoms.

Flower essences are beneficial to smooth out any emotional disruptions currently impinging on the body. These essences, can actually be self-prescribed, and can help with emotive problems ranging from anger to fear.  By cancelling or cleaning out these emotions, we can actually be curtailing future potential illnesses.

Therapies like nutrition, weight loss, colonic irrigation, and allergy testing/treatments involves processes that target the body to enable it to be able to access and utilise the energy  to operate at maximum efficiency by removing any obstacles that may stop this from occurring.  A healthy body needs the correct fuel, and to be free of any toxins or excess material for it to maintain peak capacity..

Diagnostic modalities like iridology, naturopathy, and holistic doctors have their roles  in optimum health by helping to stop illnesses from reaching the  stage they start to have a negative impact on the body.  Early identification is paramount as there is great benefit to stop disease before it inflicts too much damage.

There is a strong preventative aspect in the majority of the natural therapies outlined below and this helps to prove the saying that prevention is better than cure.  Some natural treatments are:

• Allergy Testing/Treatments

• Animal Therapy

• Ayurveda

• Colonic Irrigation

• Ear Candling

• Flower Essences

• Herbal Medicine and Homoeopathy

• Holistic Doctor

• Homoeopathy

• Iridology

• Naturopathy.

• Nutrition

• Remedial Therapies

• Traditional Chinese Medicine

• Weight Loss

• Women’s Health and Natural Fertility Management

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