Any therapy that depends on the body's own healing powers may be considered natural medicine. System of treating disease by stimulating the body's innate ability to repair and heal itself


• Acupressure

Pressure and massage to specific "energy points" to relieve tension.

• Acupuncture

Stimulation of specific "energy points" using small, fine needles.

• Alexander Technique

Re-educating the body to correct alignment

• Aromatherapy

Essential oils provoke senses to promote therapeutic healing.

• Ayurveda

Indian medicine based on principle body comprises five basic elements

• Bowen Therapy

Targets muscle and connective tissue, musculoskeletal injuries

• Chiropractic

Treatment using relationship between the nervous system, the spinal cord and other body systems

• Colour Therapy

Colour to assist with the treatment of well-being

• Complementary Therapy

Therapy used in combination with other therapies

• Craniosacral therapy

Gentle pressure to cranial bones to relieve headaches, etc.

• Day Spa

Massage and spa services

• Herbalism

Plant extracts or herbal therapy for the treatment.

• Homoeopathy

Healing based on the principle "like cures like"

• Holistic Medicine

Aternative  medicine  to balance mind and body connections

• Hydrotherapy

Water to achieve therapeutic benefit and relaxation

• Iatrogenic

Illness or symptoms induced by a physician's words or actions.

• Iridology

Assessment used the iris

• Liquid Sound

A new form of hydrotherapy

• Lomi-Lomi Massage

Hawaiian method of massage

• Lymphatic drainage massage

Gentle, wave-like face and neck massage for drainage of toxins and waste

• Massage

Using the hands to rub, knead and manipulate skin and  muscle tissue.

• Medicine

Western science of diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of disease

• Mindfulness

Popular Buddhist meditation method

• Natural Therapy

Treating disease using body's innate ability to repair and heal itself using no drugs or surgery.

• Naturopathy

System using natural therapies which acknowledges and influences the innate healing potential of the body

• Osteopathy

Manipulating the spine and other joints and surrounds to improve back and other health problems

• Physiotherapy

Treatment of injuries and malformations by physical and mechanical means

• Podiatry

Treatment of abnormal conditions of hands and feet

• Qi Gong Energy massage

Chinese healing method to relieve tense muscles, stimulate organs, and relax the mind.

• Reflexology

Healing method in which specific organs are stimulated by applying pressure to corresponding reflex points in the feet and ankles.

• Reiki

Hands-on alternative healing technique using the exchange of energy between practitioner and patient

• Remedial therapy

Covers a number massage and exercise therapies.  Uses no internal medicines.

• Shiatsu massage

Japanese form of rigorous massage using fingers to apply acupressure to points along body's energy pathways (meridians.)

• Sports massage

Deep tissue massage for major aches and sport injuries, using knuckles, elbows and fists

• Stone massage

Placement of heated flat, smooth stones on different muscles of the body to relieve tension and promote relaxation

• Swedish massage

A popular massage method that uses tapping, rolling, and vibration massage techniques with a soothing massage oil

• Tai Chi

Chinese martial art use slow, rhythmic movements, deep breathing, to condition the body and clarify the mind.

• Therapeutic Touch

The act and relationship of touch with intent to help or to heal

• Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Practice of utilising remedies of Chinese origin according to traditional philosophy and custom.

• Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Herb and mineral combinations to harmonize the body.

• Traditional Medicine

Systems of healing not using western medical techniques or medicines

• Yoga

Yoga uses various poses (asanas), breathing techniques, and meditation to achieve improved circulation,


Most have none with a handful having their own specific contraindications e.g. Bowen therapy is not to be used in conjunction with any other modality at all.

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