Myopractic is  an advanced form of bodywork which integrates the soft tissues and skeleton to bring about deep relaxation and treat chronic pain.

Based on the system of training as for Bowen Technique, Myopractic uses postural assessment as a guide to treatment plan for clients trying to bring back the body's structural integrity towards its ideal state. Myopractic indicates that where there is a bone or joint misalignment, some muscle is the culprit. Once the muscle disorder is corrected, the skeleton will respond to correct the misalignment.

Myopractic muscle therapy combines three basic techniques:

Compression stretching, culminating in deep relaxation and relief from tension, spasms, and holding patterns;

Clearing methods by using the myopractic covered thumb and framing techniques to get rid of impediments from soft tissue (e.g., trigger points, scar tissue, muscle bundles, and old bruise); and

Separating techniques to let go of myofascial adhesions, isolate fascial planes, and rebalance muscles.

Myopractic engenders, pain-free therapy for the client and practitioner. This is achieved using the therapist’s mass and leverage, rather than relying on size and strength. Myopractic muscle therapy combines a style of its own type of energetic work, Swedish, sports, trigger point, myofascial, and even structural integration techniques into a single easy-to-learn system.

Fixing lower-body misalignments often relieves tension injuries in the upper body.  Myopractic posture balancing evaluation finds the source of chronic pain misalignments in the body’s structure and realigns them. Myopractic treatments concentrates especially on misalignments in the lower body, particularly in the feet, ankles, and the hips.

Myopractic espouses a therapist can clear their clients only to the degree they themselves are clear.

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