Hypnotherapy is a technique carried out in the realms of the unconscious mind using mental subconscious manipulations to have an effect on emotive and behavioural patterns to resolve problems of stress, fears and undesired effects of treatments, resulting in a clearer focus by the patient.

Hypnotherapy is therapy to "put" the patient into a managed altered mental state to make the patient amenable to suggestions to change, emotional and behavioural attitudes as well as dysfunctional routines, worries and stress.

Trained therapists using hypnosis, as part of their treatment programme, create an environment whereby patients can have access to their own imbedded inner thoughts to deal with problems at hand.

 Other uses of hypnotherapy:

Child birth - during childbirth to alleviate fear, worry, discomfort and pain management.

• Age regression - by returning to an earlier ego-state the patient can regain qualities they once had, but have lost.

• Revivification - remembering past experiences can contribute to therapy.

• Guided imagery -  the subject is given a new relaxing and beneficial experience.

• Parts therapy - a method pioneered by Charles Tebbetts to identify conflicting parts that are damaging the well being of clients, then helps those parts negotiate with each other through the therapist to bring about a resolution.

• Confusion - subject is more likely to be receptive to indirect suggestion due to an altered state of confusion.

• Repetition - the more an idea is repeated the more likely it is to be accepted and acted upon by the patient.

• Direct suggestion - suggesting directly. "You feel safe and secure".

• Indirect suggestion - using "interspersal" technique and other means to cause effect.

• Mental state - people are more receptive while relaxed, sleeping, or in a trance.

• Hypnoanalysis - the client recalls moments from his/her pas

• Post-hypnotic suggestion - a suggestion that will be carried out after the trance has ended. "

• Visualization - being told to imagine or visualize a desired outcome

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