Women’s health is a bracket term covering medical conditions that commonly affect females.

Women have more problems than men as females are the ones that have to "bring another person into the world". From the time of conception to the day the baby is born the female actually two people (one life outside and one life inside) as she now has consider her lifestyle as it will impact on the unborn child.

Whatever she does physically, mentally or emotionally, and whatever she eats will have a bearing the unborn child so things like smoking , drug taking, eating the wrong foods, being overweight and unfit all have a negative impact on the development of the unborn child. So women have the same problems as men except in the reproductive side. In fact there are two major medical modalities  called gynaecology and obstetrics. These all apply to women only.

Some of the areas include:

Pregnancy Care

There is a particular focus on pregnancy care such as:

• nutritional support for preconception, pregnancy and post-pregnancy

• pregnancy massage (offered after the first trimester)

• help with exercise routines pre and post pregnancy


• pre-menstrual syndrome

• painful periods

• menopause

• hormonal problems (using natural hormones)

• fertility problems

• thrush

• polycystic ovarian syndrome

• endometriosis

• weight loss management

• thyroid problems

Many natural therapy modalities are available to help in the treatment of women’s health issues.  A short list is below:

• Bowen therapy

• Nutritional therapy

• Acupuncture

• Herbal medicine

• Organotherapy

• Classical homoeopathy

• Traditional Chinese Medicine

• Massage

• Holistic beauty therapy

• Day spas

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