Men’s health is a bracket term covering medical conditions that commonly affect males.

e.g. prostate, baldness, overweight

Prostate Health:

Men are now becoming more aware that the prostate is an area that men have to concentrate on. The prostate is a gland located underneath the bladder and it surrounds the top of the urethra. Prostate disease is very common in men.

There are three main types of prostate problems:

Prostatitis is caused by some form of infection

Prostate enlargement is the prostate problem of enlargement but is not cancerous

Prostate cancer is the most serious and common in men over 50.

 Other areas to look at:

• Fertility

• Circumcision

• Nutrition

• Weight management

• Mental

• Sexual

• Baldness

• Testicular

• Male menopause

There are several natural health therapies that can be beneficial:

• Herbalists

• Naturopaths

• Acupuncture

• Nutritional therapy

• Homoeopathy

• Traditional Chinese Medicine

• Massage

• Weight loss

• Biofeedback

• Meditation

• Natural fertility management

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