Here are some problems facing kids today.

• Food colouring and hyperactivity

The link found between food colouring, preservatives and hyperactivity.

• Stuttering

About 1 child in 12 stutters, but early treatment reduces the likelihood of it carrying over into adulthood.

• Indoors, and short-sighted

Children who spend time outdoors are less likely to become short-sighted and require glasses

• Best medicines for fever in kids

Paracetamol versus ibuprofen comparison for fever in young children.

• Good fish, bad fish

Good fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Bad fish are contaminated with industrial pollutants.

• Your daily bread, now with iodine

Alarmed by the dangerously low levels of iodine in our population, our food regulators have decided iodine must be added to bread.

• Will magnesium prevent cerebral palsy?

Researchers say magnesium given to pregnant women may help prevent

• Academic achievement in twins

Are twins at an intellectual disadvantage compared to children who are single births? Not anymore.

• Febrile seizures in kids

Febrile seizures in kids are usually thought to be harmless.

• Catching the early babies

As mothers get older, their chances of a premature birth are rising too.

• Let's get virtual

Interactive tennis, golf and soccer - idle entertainments, or are they actually good exercise?

• Sleepwalking: the twilight zone

Don't be alarmed by the glassy stare: sleepwalking is simply due to a disruption to sleep patterns,

• Confident kids, healthy adults

Kids with high levels of confidence and self-control are more likely to be healthy in adulthood

• Do head lice only like clean hair?

Do nits bug you?

• Chronic cough in children

Researchers looked at whether chronic cough in children needs to be treated, and if so how?

• The winter flu jab

Winter!, It's time to think about getting the flu shot

• Cash for kids' development

An innovative program in Mexico involves women being given cash as long as their children attend school

• Handling aggressive children

Researchers say the best way to deal with aggressive children is to be firm but loving, set clear limits and stick to them.

• Maintaining weight loss in kids

Researchers have found that like adults, when children are put on a weight loss program they fail to keep off the weight

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