A (health) clinic is a place where people can receive medical service (generally non-life threatening) without having to go to a hospital. Many are in or around shopping complexes and are devoted to the servicing of outpatients. Some can grow to be institutions as large as hospitals, but still retaining the status as clinic. These often have some type of association with a hospital or medical establishment.


Clinics usually comprise of clinicians dealing with the same type of specialty so a physiotherapy clinic would comprise mainly if not all physiotherapy practitioners except the office staff. Some are so big they have clinic managers where it is possible to have around a half dozen different services offered. For example there may be different types of doctors but with related but different specialties like a women's clinic consisting of a general practitioner, a gynaecologist, an obstetrician, a psychiatrist and a dentist in the same clinic. Some clinics are operated by large businesses which may own a string of clinics of the same name but in different locations.

Some offer after hour services but generally most open only during business hours. In these clinics, the injury or illness may not be serious enough to warrant a visit to  a hospital, but the person can be moved to one if required. Sometimes people may need treatment that requires access to expensive and specialist equipment, say an X-ray on a broken arm. The clinic may be part of a hospital so the patient is referred to that area to get that particular service then return to the doctor for further treatment. Doctors at such clinics can often refer patients to other specialists if they cannot do it themselves because no suitable equipment in the clinic or that he does not have the expertise in the area to provide necessary services relating to that particular problem.

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