A health or fitness club is a place where people go to get fit mainly through exercise using specialised equipment and following some fitness plan which could also incorporate a dietary component. The club is different to the classic gym where you or a few friends do your own thing. A fitness club normally has fixed sessions in which everyone has a common trainer and all do the same exercises at the same time.

There a clubs which only have female patrons so the exercises and programs are all geared to women's training.

• Cardio Area/Theatre

This equipment usually consists of rowing machines, exercise cycles, elliptical trainers and treadmills.

• Group Exercise Classes

Most clubs have set times for fixed exercise classes or they can tailor-make classes for a group.

• Sports Facilities

Some clubs have saunas and swimming pools and maybe a small boxing area

• Personal Training

A lot of clubs have personal trainers available to tailor-make plans for you if you have a specific goal

• Services and Offerings

Memberships can vary from casual pay as you go to monthly or yearly plans and maybe even the so-called life membership.

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