Feng Shui is the practice of changing and rearranging the surrounding environment to attract positive life energy, "Chi".

Feng Shui =  “wind and water”, date back thousands of years when it was originally used to choose burial sites for wealthy Chinese and Royal palace locations.

People affected by their surroundings, either positively or negatively use Feng Shui to find where to unblock obstructions or obstacles, in order for Chi to have an unhindered path.

Polarity is expressed as Yin and Yang Theory which is similar to a bipolar magnetic field. There are two parts: one creating an exertion and one receiving the exertion so Yang acting and Yin receiving is an example. While the goal of Chinese medicine is to balance Yin and Yang in the body, the goal of Feng Shui has been described as aligning a city, site, building, or object with Yin-Yang force fields.

Traditional Feng Shui needs an extremely accurate Chinese compass to determine the directions in finding any auspicious sector in a wanted area.

Many intricate and subtle changes including the placement of mirrors, wind chimes, or plants are made. It can be as simple as the rearranging of the bed in the bedroom or as complex as to where to build a house on a block of land.

Consultations with Feng Shui practitioners vary in time and complexity but can help to achieve well-being, like removing features that are seen as responsible for bad luck to end up with a positive energetic balance.

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