Alcohol or drug dependency can be treated by using many governments  and other different services. Counselling, group therapy and medications to cope while undergoing treatment (methadone, naltrexone, buprenorphine and nicotine replacement therapy)  are used to ease the symptoms of withdrawal.

Some people find they need to explore different treatment options before they find what works for them.

• Australian Drug Information Network

Information on alcohol and other drugs

• Psychosocial interventions for women enrolled in alcohol treatment during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be seen as a window of opportunity where women may seek treatment for their addictions out of concern for their unborn child.

• Amphetamine dependency

Even if you start out taking amphetamines every now and then recreationally, it is possible for you to develop a dependence on amphetamines.

• Methadone maintenance treatment essential information

The booklet provides information on what service providers offer and what to expect from methadone maintenance treatment

• Psychosocial interventions for people with both severe mental illness and substance misuse

Over 50% of people with a severe mental illness also use illicit drugs and/or alcohol at hazardous levels.

• Parenting as a drug user

Experiences of a father who regularly takes drugs

• National Drugs Campaign - Getting help

This page contains a list of links and contacts for alcohol and drug information services google.com.au

• Community interventions for preventing smoking in young people

The decision to start (or continue) smoking is made within a broad social context, affected by many factors.

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