Community health, a subsection within public health, is about the gathering of data and analyzing it in order to find any trends or pattern of health concerns in any defined areas of any particular secular community. Whilst a community can be assigned  a certain aspect, community health tends to focus on areas delineated by geographic boundaries rather than the inhabitants  with shared concerns.

The health patterns of a community are often examined using purpose-built software and community health records. As health is influenced by a big range of socio-demographic factors, relevant variables range from the ratio of residents of a given age group to the neighbourhood's anticipated life span. Medical

interventions aimed at improving the health of a community range from improving access to medical care to public health communications awareness information.

Recent research efforts have focused on how the built environment and socio-economic status affect health. Community health programs' lifetime depends on dialogue and exchange of information between the hierarchy of health administrators and workers  and the public using direct communication.

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