Childcare can be described as (a business whose) staff looking after and overseeing young children at purpose-built facilities with furniture and equipment to  provide an enjoyable, exciting and nurturing environment where they can participate in activities, play and learn and interact with the other children.

 Commercial childcare services began to look after children who are too young to go to school so that the mother (or father) or both could participate in the job market whether it be a few hours per week or full-time whilst knowing that the children were being looked after.

Even more so today, both parents are working with no one to look after the child for certain times, so a childcare facility is the answer. In western society today, going to school is compulsory with children starting school around 6 years old, so really the school is acting as a pseudo-childcare centre being responsible for the welfare of the child from the time he comes to school to the time he leaves the school grounds, but without having to feed and look after the personal grooming of the child, however the child is being educated.

 If there is evidence of any individual potential, the centre should embark on a program to further the individual's potential whether academic or physical.

 Most childcare centres will have medical staff to look after the health of the children including their eating habits thus keeping an eye on the nutritional intake so that children are encouraged do healthy things like exercise and eat the right foods and omit junk foods

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