The time comes when we need permanent help every day so there are aged care services offering various levels of care, including residential medical services and taking people shopping.

• Low Level - In-home care (at home)

You are visited by care workers (including medical) who help you with everyday chores like cleaning, cooking, washing, making beds, etc. and checking on your health and dietary needs.

• Low Level to Medium Level - In-home care (nursing home)

You have reasonable mobility i.e. can move around using a walking stick or frame. You move into a nursing home with your own room like home but you can have all your meals in a common dining room, so no cooking or washing to do. Other help available should you need it would be clothes washed, bed and linen service, personal hygiene and bathing.

• High Level - In-home care (nursing home)

You suffer from dementia or life-threatening illness e.g. terminal cancers or you have poor or little mobility i.e. almost need a wheelchair to go anywhere.

• Low to Medium Level - Cultural and identified needs

Aged care home for groups like war veterans, cultural, disabilities, dementia (not mental illness), other groups with similar circumstances

• High Level - Particular health conditions

These are people with life-threatening or terminal illnesses, dementia or other psychological problems.

• Low Level - Independent Units

These are distinct from nursing home rooms. Independent units normally are paid for by the occupants.

People who can almost manage independently but only need some help in certain aspects of life - but choices available like not to cook but to eat meals at the community dining room, etc. Companionship is also easy to make with so many people with similar wants and needs.

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