Indigenous Aborigines are two times as likely than the general population to say their health is fair to poor and one-and-a-half times more likely than the general population to have some disability or long-term health problem due to lack of access to medical help.

Compared with their non-Indigenous counterpart, health problems were evident in the areas of:

• circulatory system

• communicable infections

• cot death

• diabetes

• mental health

• neoplasm

• optometry

• renal failure

• respiratory

Each of these indicators is expected to grossly understate levels of disease in the population due to lessened levels of diagnosis.

The following list of problems is at least partially to blame in the inequality in life expectancy:

• cultural differences is a factor in poor communication among Indigenous Australians and health workers.

• for far and isolated communities,  limited access to health services

• for urbanised Indigenous Australians, cultural pressures which stop them from accessing health services

• insufficient education

• poverty

• substance abuse

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