Global Postal and Locations Information.

CEPT The European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations

Post Europ Post Europe - Association of European Public Postal Operators

United Nations UN

Universal Postal Union Universal Postal Union

PostalMag Postal

Jan Langenberg  Toevoegen Web Page on Philately

AJ Wards Encyclopaedia of Stamps Stamp Encyclopaedia

Aland Islands Aland Islands

Algeria Algeria - Ministry of Post and Telecommunications

Argentina Argentina

Armenia Armenia

Ascension Island Ascension Island

Australia Post Australia Post

Austria Austria

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

Bahrain Bahrain Military Post

Bangladesh Bangladesh

Barbados Barbados

Belgium Belgium

Bhutan Bhutan

Bosnia & Herzegovina  Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia Study Group BSG

Stamps Bosnia & Croatia  BIH & Croatia Stamps

Botswana Botswana

British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands

Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam

Bulgaria Bulgaria

Cambodia Cambodia - Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

Canada Canada

China China Post

Hong Kong Hong Kong ROC

Taiwan Taiwan ROC

Costa Rica Costa Rica

Croatia Croatia

Croatian Stamps Croatian Stamps

Cyprus Cyprus

Czech Republic Czech Republic

Denmark Denmark

Faeroe Islands  Postverk  Føroya 

Fiji Fiji

Finland Finland

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Macedonian Post

France France

French Southern and Antarctic Territories Philately

French Polynesia Office des  Pastes &  Telecommunications de Polynesia Françoise

Gambia Gambia - Department of Post

Germany Germany

Gibraltar Gibraltar

Greece Greece

Guernsey Channel Islands

Hungary Hungary

Iceland Iceland

India India

Indonesia Indonesian postal products and services

Iran Iran Post

Ireland  Ireland (An Post)

Ireland Ireland (The Post Office)

Isle of Man Isle of Man - Philately

Isle of Man Isle of Man

Israel Israel

Italy Italy

Jamaica Jamaica

Japan Japan - Ministry of Post and Telecommunications

Japan Japan

Japan Japan - Guide to Japan Post

Jersey Channel Islands

Jordan Jordan

Kenya Kenya Post

Kosovo Kosovo Post

Lebanon Lebanon - Ministry of Telecommunications

Lithuania Lithuania

Luxembourg Luxembourg - Telecommunications

Malaysia Malaysia

Maldives Maldives

Malta Malta

Mauritius Mauritius - Ministry of Public Utilities

Moldova Posta Moldova

Namibia Namibia

The Netherlands TPG Post

The Netherlands TNT Group

Netherlands Antilles Post Netherlands Antilles

New Zealand New Zealand Post

Nigeria Nigerian Postal Service

Oman Oman

Norway Norway

Pakistan Pakistan

Palestinian National Authority (Gaza Strip & West Bank) Palestine

Papua New Guinea Post PNG Ltd

Pitcairn Islands Pitcairn Islands

Philippines Philippines

Qatar Qatar

Romania Romania

St Helena St Helena - Post Office

St Helena St Helena - Government - Postal

Samoa  Samoa Tel

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Singapore Singapore

Slovakia Slovakia

Slovenia Slovenia - Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunications

South Africa South Africa

South Korea South Korea

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

Swaziland Swaziland

Sweden  Postern

Sweden Post  Telestyrelsen (National Post and Telecommunications Agency)

Switzerland Swiss

Syria Syria

Tanzania Tanzania

Thailand Post and Telegraph Department

Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago Postal Corporation

Trinidad & Tobago Post Offices List

Trinidad & Tobago Post Offices

United Arab Emirates Emirates Post

United Kingdom The Post Office

United Kingdom The Royal Mail Group

United Kingdom The Royal Mail

United Kingdom (in Welsh) - The Royal Mail

United States of America USPS

Vanuatu Vanuatu Post Ltd

Viet-Nam Viet-Nam Post and Telecommunications Corporation.

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