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Superior Software for WindowsSuperior Software for Windows
Building Better Microsoft Solutions

Superior Software for Windows (SSW) is a Sydney based consulting company specialising in .NET solutions for progress businesses since 1990. SSW offers custom software solutions in ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Microsoft Access and Office 2003. SSW clientele range from medium sized bus companies (Westbus), government organizations (Australian Fisheries) to large accounting companies (Cap Gemini Ernst Young) –

– all of which have glowing testimonials. Additionally, SSW’s website offers a virtual abundance of downloads and resources for developers.

SSW’s Chief Architect is one of only two Australian Microsoft Regional Directors which help deliver solutions using cutting edge Microsoft technologies. SSW also have successfully hosted the Sydney .NET Users Group for the past 10 years.

SSW’s unique eXtreme Programming Development Method ensures you get value for money at every stage of the development life cycle, underpinning SSW’s belief that software solutions must deliver business advantages from the very first step. SSW develop custom solutions because we want the software to work exactly the way the customer wants it to work.

All SSW programmers undergo training for Microsoft qualifications (Microsoft Certified Professional) and are also familiar with the conference circuit, speaking for Microsoft, SGW Forums and the VBits tour in the United States and Australia. We have very competitive Rates and flexible Terms and Conditions.

With a proven track record of implementing technology solutions ranging from Architecture and Design Consulting to Database Development and Business Intelligence Solutions. SSW works along side you to leverage the latest technological advances to reduce costs, improve processes, and take advantage of new business every step of the way.

Based upon years of experience working closely with Microsoft, SSW software development services utilise the best available technologies to deliver functional, value-adding software - faster. More Info:


SSW SQL Auditor

Maintaining consistent quality code across a large team can be a challenge. Even when standards are in place, Developers can make mistakes that will slip through Quality Assurance. SQL Auditor is a part of the range of database tools designed by SSW to help to check best practice standards and optimize SQL Server performance. It was developed to assist in performance tuning in SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 7.0 by performing a SQL Server audit on your database. It allows Developers to check their database design against common SQL Server design rules and report on the elements that do not conform to those rules.

SSW SQL Auditor not only reports on design issues and areas where SQL performance could be improved, it also has wizards that generate SQL scripts to correct common problems.

If you are looking for a DB Tool that can perform a SQL database audit and assist with SQL Server performance tuning, download a trial of SSW SQL Auditor today.

SQL Server and MSDE

How many times have you deployed an initial version of your SQL Server or MSDE Database application to your clients or departments, then wondered how you are going to make updates to the Database schema in the future without hassle?

SQL Deploy solves this problem by automatically performing Database updates as a part of your application deployment. When you distribute a new version of your application to your clients using SQL Deploy, it automatically applies any pending SQL scripts and Database updates.

It is common practice to save Database schema changes as SQL script files to apply at a later stage. SQL Deploy works with this practice by applying all of the scripts in a directory and adding versioning information to the Database after it applies the SQL scripts.

SQL Deploy can be used directly via its user interface or called from your application. It can be used with SQL Server, MSDE, .NET Windows Forms, ASP.NET Web pages, ASP, Access applications and more.

You can use trickle down deployment for front end, now you can use SQL Deploy for the backend.

SQL Deploy means you never have to worry about your Clients data when deploying applications again!

SSW SQL Total Compare

SQL Server replication is a fantastic piece of functionality but can lead to a database administration nightmare. Data conflicts are a common occurrence and require constant attention. SSW SQL Total Compare reports the differences between the Publisher and Subscribers databases and makes the changes necessary to fully synchronize the data.

SSW Alerts.

SSW Alerts delivers personalised, timely information updates to supported devices of your choice. Built on Microsoft SQL Notification Services, SSW Alerts is a highly scalable and reliable publication/subscription-based notification application. With the ever growing need to know what's happening NOW, SSW Alerts ensures right information gets to the right people at the right time.

Lumigent Log Explorer

The solution to a variety of database problems is hiding in SQL Server's transaction log. We say "hiding" because the transaction log is an undocumented binary file. Log Explorer is the first and only product able to use the log information to selectively recover data, analyze user and application problems, and audit activity; all without run-time overhead.

SSW are the only authorised resellers for Lumigent in Australia and country-region New Zealand . Feel free to call us if you would like to purchase Log Explorer and we welcome any questions that you may have regarding its functionalities.

Lumigent Entegra:  A powerful end to end SQL Server auditing solution

Entegra provides a complete record of data activity and changes to database structure giving you the ability to know who is doing what to your data and databases. Whether your need for auditing database activity is driven by regulatory compliance or ongoing operational requirements, Entegra is the answer.

Many requirements can drive your need to audit data access. These can include internal policy addressing data security, privacy, or government regulations on data access, where electronic audit trails, accountability, or the ability to perform forensics may be required. Meeting any of these requirements for auditing database activity demands a simple but effective way to monitor, verify, investigate and report on data activity.

SSW Upsizing PRO!

If your business is growing and you demand a scalable database solution, upsize from Access Jet to the robust SQL Server environment. SSW Upsizing PRO! prepares your Access database so you can convert effortlessly to SQL Server. Upsizing PRO! will prevent known errors, ensuring a smooth migration.

Our clients often ask us to upsize their database from Access to SQL Server. With Upsizing PRO, what used to take us hours can now be done at the click of a button.

SSW Performance PRO!

SSW Performance PRO! isolates performance bottle-necks in your Access 97, 2000 or 2002 app. It checks every form, combo and list box, and reviews SQL statements. It reports exactly what to fix to improve the the speed of your application. SSW Performance PRO! is especially useful after you've upsized an application to SQL Server to pinpoint black spots in your app.


SSW Data PRO! records every change made to your Access backend. When the new front end is installed at the client site, the backend will automatically be upgraded with the changes you made. Never be out of sync again! SSW Data PRO! is available for Access 97, 2000 2002.

SSW Data Renovator

If you’ve got client backend mdb files that are out of sync with the master version, let SSW Data Renovator generate different reports for you to make the changes manually. Or step through the wizard and the data will be automatically moved into the new structure. Once in sync, use SSW Data PRO! to keep them that way.

SSW Property and Event PRO!

SSW Property and Event PRO! allows you to set values for properties and events across your whole database with an easy-to-use interface. You can also apply conditions based on any property to alter the affect of your changes. Anything that you can do in Access application development, SSW Property and Event PRO! can do across your whole database.

SSW Code Auditor

As a project or company grows, managing code standards throughout your team becomes virtually impossible. But consistent code is crucial to future development and maintenance. Built in C#, SSW Code Auditor lets you take control of your code and automatically review your web apps and projects - giving you more opportunity to spend time where it really matters.

Here at SSW, we face the problem of maintaining our standards across nearly five thousand web pages, over twenty active projects in both Visual Basic (6 and .NET) and C#. There comes a point where a tool to check our work is needed, this tool is SSW Code Auditor.

SSW Access reports .NET for IIS

Delivering reports on the web can be expensive and time consuming, especially when you're faced with the task of converting existing Access reports. SSW Access Reporter .NET for IIS was designed for the .NET developer moving from legacy Access Applications to ASP or ASP.NET.  If you are a Access developer and want help to bridge the .NET migration gap, this utility allows you to deliver your existing, great-looking Microsoft Access reports online now!

Question: Is IIS required?
Answer: No, just a box with the .NET Framework is all that is needed.

Question: Is this an alternative to Crystal Reports?
Answer: Yes, the majority of our customers tell us that the Crystal pricing/licensing model makes it prohibitive.

Check out the Online Demo

SSW LookOut! for Outlook

Email is a fundamental corporate communications tool used every day to manage staff, establish contracts and communicate with clients. Use SSW LookOut! to organise and manage your email and help ensure e-mail is always an advantage to your business and not a liability! With tons of rules and auditing checks, SSW LookOut! also notifies the user whether emails are from people within their corporate Access or SQL Server database.

SSW Incident PRO!

Don’t let your Inbox get out of control. Manage your email effectively with SSW Incident PRO! Allocate tasks, set priorities, assign due dates and get Progress Reports without re-entering any data and working in the familiar Microsoft Outlook environment. Written in .NET, this Outlook COM Add-In let’s you take control of your email.

SSW Email Merge PRO!

SSW Email Merge PRO! makes sending bulk email a breeze. Especially useful for periodical email newsletters, it provides real time tracking information and reports on bounced emails, enabling you to keep your subscribers list clean and up-to-date.

SSW Team Calendar for Exchange 2000

SSW Team Calendar for Exchange 2000 extracts calendar information stored on your Microsoft Exchange Server and makes it available on the web. Managers and staff have an up-to-date schedule of appointments for all mailboxes on Exchange simply by using their web browser.

SSW Australian Postcode Web Service

SSW presents its first public web service using VS.NET. The Australian Postcode Web Service provides a quick and centralized method of checking that your suburb name and postcode details are correct.

SSW Diagnostics:  This utility checks that your system is up-to-date.

To better enable our developers to analyse your problem, it helps if we collect information about your system. This application will collect that information and then email it to our developers. You may view the information before you send it if you wish

SSW Time PRO! Smart Tags

Office XP offers Smart Tag functionality. Smart Tags recognise text in your Word/Excel or Outlook (with Word as your editor) and then offer a range of possible actions and commands. With SSW Time PRO! Smart Tags you can access your corporate database from Microsoft Office, and send letters, faxes or emails based on existing templates.


Flexible and powerful, utilising the power of Microsoft SQL Server, Time PRO!'s push button approach to organising everything from invoicing and receipting, to Customer Relationship Management, will streamline every part of your business. Time PRO! is the easiest way to manage and control your business.

Are you still using Excel for storing your corporate data?

Are you switching in and out of M.Y.O.B. when calling clients because it lacks contact manager?

Unable to set up automatic recurring invoices?

Then you need Time PRO! the all-in-one corporate database

SSW Data Merge PRO! is allows you to merge two different databases into one.

The two databases can have different format i.e. MS Access, SQL Server and even have different structure i.e. different table names and different field names.

Data Merge PRO! uses a user-defined duplicate criteria to decide which records are duplicates. It is designed to work with any popular database, but currently has only been tested extensively on Access and SQL Server. If you are interested in trying it with other databases let us know

When two databases are merged, all records in the source database will be used to indicate how many duplicates may exist in the destination database based on the user defined duplicate criteria. The user can then decide whether to add the source record into the destination database.


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