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AS SEEN ON TV. The electronic muscle stimulator sends an impulse to the muscle causing it to contract just as if you were exercising. The self-contained unit in the belt utilizes its own battery so you are free of any wires. It can be worn under your clothing so you can be exercising while relaxing or working. The Abs Electronic unit fits all parts of your body, arms legs, waist, with different lengths of elastic and Velcro straps supplied. The microprocessor-controlled unit automatically shuts off after 10 minutes use on each muscle group. There are 6 different pulse programs and 10 levels of intensity you can choose from, which simulate very mild to intense muscle contractions. After 10 minutes you will feel as if you have been performing a strenuous workout on the higher settings. The great thing about this product is the 30-page booklet, which comes with it. It goes step by step in great detail on how to get the best results from the unit. It also gives a very good meal by meal diet plan for 29 days with a great deal of nutritional information. The unit is great for long distance driving. It not only exercises your stomach muscles but keeps you alert and awake as well. It is not recommended for those with health problems, pacemakers, pregnant women, epileptics and others described in the instructions. Strict attention should be given to the warnings described in the instruction book, such as using on the head and face. The AB Electronic muscle stimulator comes with a tube of water base gel, an extra battery, two different elastic straps, full instructions and a zippered carry case.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Q. How does The Buyers Group Electronic Muscle Stimulator really work?

A. The Electronic Muscle Stimulator generates small, gentle pulses that are delivered inside the belt placed on your skin. These safe pulses activate your underlying motor nerves, resulting in muscle contractions.

Q. Can this machine be used for all ages?

A. Yes - absolutely. The electronic muscle stimulator is not age dependent and can be used at any age. However, the very elderly and children should use it under supervision and keep the intensity low.

Q. Will 1 find it uncomfortable?

A. As long as the belt is moist and kept firmly against the skin you will not feel any unpleasantness. At low intensity you will feel a slight tingling sensation but as the intensity gets higher you will only feel the pleasant contraction.

Q. Should the intensity settings be the same for each muscle?
A. Each muscle will respond differently, so intensities will accordingly be different. Move the belt around to find the right trigger point that gives you maximum contraction.

Q. 1 am getting a prickling sensation but no contraction.

A. Move the belt slightly to find the right trigger points that give maximum contractions and the most pleasant feeling. Try increasing the intensity. This could also be caused because either the belt lacks a water-based gel or is not tightly placed against the skin. Failing this remove belt and wash inner surface with mild soap and water to remove body oils.

Q. 1 noticed a redness of the skin after the exercise. Is this a problem?

A. A slight redness of the skin after a session with the Electronic Muscle Stimulator is normal. It is partly caused by an increase in blood flow under the skin and should fade quickly. Some pressure to the skin from the stretched belt may also cause it. You should not be concerned about this. If thisĀ redness is excessive, you may not have used enough conductive water-based gel or it may have dried out during a longer session. Try using more gel the next time, replenish it after each 10-minute session and use a lower intensity level.